Ultimate Wednesday Upcomers (9/14/22)


Because I am continually getting fucked by my job, This Toilet Tuesday is once again a day late. Our boy Eenzaamheid helped me compile this week’s list, and the two of us have dug out all the new jams you could possibly listen to. Probably many more than you could listen to or even want, really. In any case, there’s a lot of shit out this week, and it ain’t gonna listen to itself, so hit that list and tell us what’s good.

Deformatory – Harbinger (Independent) [Tech Death]

It’s been a hot minute since we last checked in on the Deformatory camp, but it seems they’ve still got it. Harbinger is a short and violent little EP, a perfect bite-sized helping of chaotic technical death metal in the vein of Origin (but with better production). It’s about exactly as much material as you want from this type of music: nothing overstays its welcome, there’s absolutely no fat whatsoever, and it never gets samey or starts to drag. Perfect in its savagery and delivery. 9/13/22 (Spear)

ACOD – Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond (LADLO) [Blackened Death Metal]

Altars Ablaze Life Desecration (Lavadome Productions) [Sludge/Death/Doom]

Anguish / Mortajas – The Archdemon’s Decade / Un viaje sin Final (split- Sun and Moon Records) [Doom]

Battlesword Towards the Unknown (MDD Records) [Melodeath]

Black Witch – .​.​.​Fail, Wilt & Slowly Die​.​.​. (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Crust Wanderers (Rotting Misery) [Sludge/Death/Doom]

Dead Void – Volatile Forms (Dark Descent) [Death Metal]

Destrage – SO MUCH. TOO MUCH. (3DOT Recordings) [Prog]

Dying Wizard – Undergrowth (Independent) [Doom/Neofolk]

Edenbridge – Shangri-La (AFM Records) [Power Metal]

Epoch of Unlight At War With the Multiverse (Independent) [Melodic Death/Black]

Frolic Fusion of Spirits (Independent) [Thrash]

Funeral Procession/Mightiest Of Deathfires, A Tomb & The Night Without End (split- Ván Records) [Meloblack]

Hegemone – Voyance (Brucia Records) [Sludge/Post-Black Metal]

Hetroertzen – Phosphorus Vol I (Listenable Records) [Black Metal]

Images of Eden Weathered and Torn (Pavement Music) [Heavy]

Irist Gloria (Independent) [Progressive Sludge]

Kerberos Of Mayhem and Dismay (Independent) [Symphonic Death Metal]

Lava Creations – LC4 (Independent) [Prog Metal]

Mindforce – New Lords (Triple B) [NYHC/Crossover]

Morbus Grave – Lurking into Absurdity (Chaos Records) [Death Metal]

Mork Den svevende festning (Peaceville) [Black Metal]

Morthibus The Shadow Path (Independent) [Black/Death]

Mortuous Upon Desolation (Independent) [Death Metal]

Mute Ocean Caravan (Independent) [AtmoBM]

The Necromancers – Where the Void Rose (Ripple Music) [Doom]

OmophagiaRebirth in Black (Unique Leader) [Death Metal]

Phobophilic – Enveloping Absurdity (Prosthetic Records) [Death Metal]

Reanimator Commotion (Bam&Co-Heavy) [Thrash]

Retador – Retador (Xtreem Music) [Thrash]

Science of Disorder Apoptose (Black Market Music) [Metalcore]

Silence Oath From the Womb of the Earth (Elevate Records) [Symphonic Black]

Spiritus Mortis – The Great Seal (Svart Records) [Doom]

Sumerlands – Dreamkiller (Relapse Records) [Heavy Metal]

Terra Atlantica – Beyond the Borders (Pride & Joy Music) [Power Metal]

Tribal Gaze The Nine Choirs (Maggot Stomp) [Death Metal]

Veritates Silent War (Doc Gator Records) [Power Metal]

Vile Discectomy – Vaccine Prophecy (Inherited Suffering Records) [Slam]

Virtual Symmetry – Virtual Symmetry (Sensory Records) [Prog Metal]

Vrylnia – The Other World (Independent) [Symphonic Power Metal]

Wolfheart – King of the North (Napalm Records) [Melodeath]

Wrekan Maror (Realm and Ritual) [USBM]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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