Premiere: Ablaze My Sorrow – The Loss of All Hope


Time to bring in the new year with some fresh despair-filled melodic death metal.

The Loss of All Hope is a relatively short EP, clocking in at around 15 minutes.  The EP marks the band’s 30th anniversary and has all the hallmarks of Swedish melodeath devotees to the genre know and love. Plenty of anthemic melodies in the guitars, lots of galloping chugs, and the occasional clean vocal section. My personal favorite is “Boundless,” with that spooky synth line at the beginning.

Without further ado, there’s a short personal statement from the band, and then we’ll let you get into the music.

The Loss of All Hope’ is a brand-new four-track ep where melodies, heavy riffs, and sheer aggression are combined with expressions of despair, dystopian nightmares, and misanthropic hopelessness. Make sure to get your copy before death takes us all.

The Loss of All Hope drops tomorrow through Black Lion Records. If you dug this make sure to check out other work from the band as well, and say hi on Zuccbook.

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