Flush It Friday: The Mummy Was Actually Pretty Good


I discovered last night that my spouse had never seen The Mummy (1999), and it seemed like an appropriately spooky action movie for Halloween. Maybe it’s just all the Nile I’ve been listening to, or perhaps it’s just banking on nostalgia; either way, I’m surprised how much I liked going back to it. Brendan Fraser is great as a snarky asshole action hero, the humor landed way more often than not, and the CGI… well, it was terrible, but that made it easy to laugh at. It’s a good time, go watch it.

Anyway, here’s some highlights from the week:

Brandon Corsair sat down with Kevin Heybourne of Angel Witch:

Interview with Kevin Heybourne of Angel Witch

Sepulcrustacean offered up some insight on the new Vacivus album:

Review: Vacivus – Annihilism

Robin from Drunk in a Graveyard joined the podcast this week to talk about a truly atrocious horror movie:

Toilet Radio 212: The October Spooktacular Presents MANBORG

Pirate metal ruined Black Metal Porkins’s life:

Porkins’ Pirate Adventure: Half-Mast

Lacertilian premiered a ripping new Sentient Horror track:

Premiere: Sentient Horror – ‘Cemetery Slaughter’

Man, the ’90’s were wild. What dumbass pre-21st century movies are you trash for?

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