Dream Death With This Exclusive Bedsore Stream


Kaleiodoscopic metal for an unsettling night trapped inside your own skull.

Before we drift off into the unknown beyond within, let’s address the first question most you probably have and hear what the Rome-based duo Bedsore have to say about their unusual choice of band name:

The pressure lesion (or decubitus ulcer) is a tissue lesion, with necrotic evolution, which affects the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layers, until reaching, in the most serious cases, the muscles and bones. Rather commonly it is also called “bedsore”.

This is a tribute to OSDM bands like Carcass, Autopsy, and Cadaver.

At the same time the name read as “suffering of the bed” also has a more veiled meaning. In this sense, the crib is the gate that ferry the human being into a universe dominated by unconscious fears, dreamlike visions, aberrant figures and grotesque manifestations, which are capable of leading the individual to total destruction, rotting the flesh and eroding the mind.

Above: Demotape’s inside art, painted by Raul Gonzalez (Morbus Chron, Horrendous, Ataraxy, Dead Congregation, Gorephilia, Cadaveric Fumes).

Ok, well now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to what’s important – how do they sound? Start your journey below, then read on…

Today we’re premiering the band’s debut demo, a brief two track affair with a sound as idiosyncratic as it is imaginative. A warbling guitar drifts through the intro, moving you through the phases of consciousness, before the reverie is disturbed by some raw guitar stabs. From here, ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ undulates up, down, and even back in on itself like the folds of your cerebral cortex. Chorus-drenched clean guitars which imbue an almost oceanic quality to the track ebb and flow like the tide, to similar effect as those used by Praecognitvm on their enchanting debut from last year. However, rather than conforming to the typical tropes set forth by atmospheric black metal these days, Bedsore possess a more ambiguous style not strictly beholden to either black metal or death metal.

For every moment of meandering melancholia, there is a corresponding attack of mania which recalls the warped progressions of psych-laced Swedes Morbus Chron or even Tribulation. While the overall mood of this demo feels introspective, like a light psychedelic jaunt, the dreamy soundscapes created during the 17 minutes could be used to evoke essentially any experience one desires. Where do your dreams take you?

Pre-order Bedsore for the September 21st release for €2 from Bandcamp.

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