This Toilet Tuesday (8/12/2014)


This edition of This Toilet Tuesday goes out to all my boys (not trying to be sexist, ladies, just giving you the benefit of the doubt that you aren’t as disgusting as we are) who have ever gotten a hankerin’ for an Allsup’s burrito. You know you really shouldn’t, but you cave in a moment of weakness and scarf down that gas station goodness. But for anyone who’s been there, we all know what comes next. The stomach cramps, the sweats, and eventually the ricochet farts while you sit on the john rattling them out. This week is a lot like that. There’s a whole lot of crap flying into the bowl, and not very much is sticking. However, there are a few noteworthy releases, so we hope that with these new releases, just as when you choose to eat that fried burrito, you’ll derive some pleasure from the pain. Thanks to Detective Flushin Bohl, Jack Bauer, Spear, and Flushgod Apocalypse for eating all those burritos so you don’t have to do so.


 Dying Out Flame – Shiva Rudrastakam (XTREEM) [Hindu/Vedic Death Metal]  8/15/14
Listen to “Maisasura Maridini”

It’s not often anymore that I come across something that feels truly unique in the metal world, which is part of the reason I was so entranced with “Maisasura Maridini.”  The track opens with a chanted piece of scripture over a clean guitar line and some light drumming, and it promptly explodes into an all-out auditory assault a minute in.  Some of the riffs here have a little more of a traditional death metal feel, but there’s definitely that Hindu influence present throughout.  I only wish that there had been more material available to listen to at the moment to give this a more proper write-up, but this is definitely an album to look forward to and a band to watch. (Spear)


The Autumn League – Concept of Irony (Independent) [Atmospheric Black Metal] 8/11/14

I’m not gonna lie, I thought this week was completely hopeless.  As I made my way through each label and source, my feeling of despair increased in the way that you hold it in with hopes that you will find a cleaner bowl to take care of business, and with each new bowl you discover, it gets even more questionable, grimier, and shittier than the last.  My travels led me to Bandcamp, which as I am sure you are aware, we are quite fond of here at the Toilet.  After sifting through piles of humongous turd-travesties, The Autumn League bestowed upon my ears their aural majesty.  One just needs to start up “The Hour is at Hand” and you’ll know you have finally found something on the old BC that is well thought out, high quality and passionately created, truly musical art.  Robust layering with a wall of sound that is fulfilling and as comforting as your favorite blanket (hey, everyone has one of them), you can’t help but feel that warm, fuzzy feeling as you make your journey through their musical soundscape.  Their debut “Concept of Irony” is streaming in full on Bandcamp right now, and I would be hard pressed to pick out something as downright delicious to listen to right now.  Lay down with your favorite blanket, put on your headphones, burn a fresh one if you have it and take a trip with The Autumn League. (Detective Flushin Bohl)


Art of Burning Water – Living is for Giving, Dying is for Getting (Swarm of Nails) [Sludge] 8/13/14
Listen to “At the Hands of Them”

Atropina – Mallevs Maleficarvm (Independent) [Death Metal] 8/16/14
Listen to “Submundo”

Back Door to Asylum – Cerberus Millenia (Amputated Vein) [Technical Brutal Death Metal ] 8/12/14
Listen to “Auroral Plasmagenesis” 

Blackwitch Pudding – Covered in Pudding Vol. 1 (Independent) [Stoner/Doom] 8/12/14

Cerebus – Hallelujah (Total Deathcore) [Flushcore] 8/15/14
Listen to “Seek”

Crown of Asteria – Sol (Le Crépuscule du Soir/Tridroid) [Folk/Black Metal] 8/11/14

Crepuscle – Draconian Winter (Independent) [Symphonic Death Metal] 8/12/14l

Diskord – Oscillations (Hellthrasher/Australopithecus) [Progressive Death Metal] 8/15/14
Listen to “Horrid Engine,” “Lethargic Regression”  

Dorsal Atlantica – Depois Do Fim (After the End) (compilation- AreaDeath) [Thrash] 8/11/14

Evil United – Honored by Fire (MVD Entertainment Group) [Thrash] 8/12/14
Listen to “Dead Can See” 

Freedom & Pain – Freedom & Pain (Independent) [Heavy Metal] 8/10/14

Funeral Horse – Sinister Rites of the Master (Artificial Head) [Stoner/Doom] 8/11/14
Listen to “Until the Last Nation Falls”

Funerary – Starless Aeon (Midnite Collective) [Doom] 8/12/14

Grifter – The Return of the Bearded Brethren (Ripple/Catacomb) [Rock] 8/12/14
Listen to “Princess Leia” 

J.B.O. – Nur Die Besten Werden Alt (Megapress) [Heavy Metal] 8/15/14
Listen to “Vier Finger für ein Halleluja”

Khthoniik Cerviiks – Heptaedrone (Iron Bonehead) [Blackened Death Metal] 8/15/14
Listen to “The Grand Sidereal Swindle” 

Lachrimatory – Transient (Solitude) [Death/Doom] 8/11/14
Listen to “Solitude” 

Monsterworks – Overhaul (Eat Lead and Die) [Metalcore/Heavy Metal] 8/12/14
Listen to “Penultimate” 

Nicolas Waldo – Master of the Universe (Lion Music) [Neoclassical Instrumental] 8/15/14

Nostalgie Depression – Lamentos de la Tierra Lugubre (Depressive Illusions) [Black Metal/Blackgaze] 8/10/14

The Paramedic – Diary of My Demons (Bullet Tooth) [Metalcore] 8/12/14
Listen to “Who I’ve Become” 

Protestant – In Thy Name (European release – Halo of Flies/Throatruiner) [Black Metal] 8/15/14

Rabbits – Untoward (Lamb Unlimited) [Punk/Sludge] 8/12/14
Listen to “Pack Up Your Shit” 

Rogues – World Beater (Independent) [Metalcore] 8/14/14
Listen to “The Degenerative Process” 

Sawhill Sacrifice – Weri Ioca Waluo (Violent Journey) [Black Metal] 8/15/14

Sleep White Winter – Sleep White Winter (Independent) [Post-Black Metal] 8/15/14
Listen to “Bereavement,” “Trapped in a Memory” 

Stormhold – The Lost World (Metal Scrap) [Melodic Death Metal] 8/14/14
Listen to “Eyes in the Eyes,” “The History Pages” 

Twilightfall – The Energy of Soul (Svarga) [Melodic Death Metal] 8/11/14

Twitching Tongues – World War Live (Closed Casket Activities) [Hardcore] 8/12/14

Unisonic – Light of Dawn (NA release – earMusic/Edel) [Heavy Metal] 8/12/14
Listen to “Exceptional”

Upon a Burning Body (Sumerian) [Flushcore] 8/12/14
Listen to “Blood, Sweat and Tears” 

We All Die (Laughing) – Tentoonstelling (Kaotoxin) [Avant-Garde Progressive Metal] 8/12/14

Zenobia – Forever (Yarhibol) [Power Metal] 8/12/14


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