Flush It Friday: Down the Piss Vortex You Go!


It is Friday. There has undoubtedly been a lot of suck in your life this week; I know this because you’re reading a toilet-themed metal blog. Flush those cares away with some new tunes from Piss Vortex and our killer weekly playlist!

Look, Piss Vortex get it. You’re bushed from pullin’ the ol’ nine-to-five at your back-breaking desk job and need some chemical R&R. Anything to drown out those nagging worries about your expanding waste line, widening bald spot, and increasing likelihood of permanent loneliness. Piss Vortex get it, and they’re offering you a skronked up Soft Reboot to just wash all those worries away. So crucify that MF play button and watch your troubles swirl down the drain.

Feel better? Good. Now that you’ve untethered the girthiest of your burdens, share with us what else is going on. The good, bad, and ugly. Let’s hear it.

Good: The wife just found us a place to live in Chapel Hill, and I’ve got an interview next week for one of the positions for which I applied. Hopefully everything keeps coming up Milhouse.

Bad: Probably need to get my brakes replaced.

Ugly: I need to find a Hawaiian shirt and embrace true degeneracy while I drink beer and watch Kaiju flicks all weekend.

What’s that? Talking about the bad depressed you again? Well, buddy, keep on flushing with our Weekly Wipe of ToH March classics.

Have a pristine weekend, flushalos.

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