Official TovH Party Hard 2015 Playlist


Precisely a year ago, your very most favoritest pumpkin baby brought you your very mostest favoritest “Party Hard” Spotify playlist to help ring in the new year. It was such a runaway smash hit that I couldn’t resist bringing you yet another masterfully curated collection of heavy jams that make all the cool kids bob their heads, swig their beverages, and muster the courage to make a move on that hottie making eyes from across the room.

Whether you want classic Swedish death metal, dance punk, or drinking hymns distilled from times long since past, you should find something on this playlist to set the mood for you and your friends for any festive occasion. Without further ado we present to you the very mostest officialest TovH Party Hard 2015 playlist!

See you in 2016, folks!

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