The Most Innovative Guitarist In Metal Right Now Tournament: Round 3


Round 3 begins, the slaughter continues. Who will prevail? You decide!

Before we hit the polls, let’s take a look at how your faves fared over the last week. Some of the 16 seeds are already crushing it, while a few others were unable to quash the momentum of some of our round one winners. One such darkhorse was Josh Raiken (Suffering Hour), who continued his run through to the next round; the same can be said for Gabriele Gramaglia (The Clearing Path), and Czral (Virus) romped through easily defeating Noyan of NYN.

Top seeds Paul Reidl (Blood Incantation), Phil Tougas (Chthe’ilist), Alex Poole (Skáphe), and Dylan DiLella (Pyrrhon) smashed it up on their first appearances, however things were not so simple for pre-tourney favourite Adam Kalmbach (Jute Gyte) who barely scraped in over Greg Kubacki (Car Bomb).

Now it’s time for you to listen in and cast your round three votes.

Josh Raiken (Suffering Hour)

Scientifically proven to have penned the best riffs of 2017.

Paul Reidl (Blood Incantation | Spectral Voice)

Death, doom, and dimensional drift.

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Czral (Virus | Aura Noir | Infernö)

Absurd sonic scrawlings of a Scandinavian existentialist abandoned in the desert.

Phil Tougas (Chthe’ilist | First Fragment)

Weird-death, tech-death, death-death, riff-death.

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Alex Poole (Skáphe | Chaos Moon | Entheogen)

Some of the most singular-sounding psychotropic shit put to tape.

Dylan DiLella (Pyrrhon)

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Gabriele Gramaglia (The Clearing Path)

Astounding compositions that shift the sands of time to their whim.

Adam Kalmbach (Jute Gyte)

Music meets math.

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