Flush It Friday: These Pugs Are Outta Control


Now is the time for Friday.

Hi everyone. The last few weeks have been incredibly, relentlessly hectic. I’ve encountered deeply complicated and completely unexpected challenges that I’m still reeling from. Over the past couple of days, things have mercifully slowed down a bit. While I’ve been catching a breath, I couldn’t help but notice that my pugs are being bad as hell.

These boys need training. Franklin the puppy only pauses from eating weird shit so that he can lick me relentlessly. Nathan, the elder tripod, no longer listens to my commands, preferring instead to run away from me to eat china berries and torment my poor cats. They both get a butt-ton of exercise and yet their indolence persists.

As a dog owner, I’m aware that poor dog behavior is a reflection of my responsibilities. I gotta buckle down and commit to training these guys. Gotta read some Cesar Milan blog posts. Gotta carry treats upon my person at all times. Gotta crack the metaphorical whip on these pugs.

I’m just tired. All the time. One like = one prayer for committed training practices.

The floor is yours. It’s the weekend so act accordingly. Thank you for your continued support of this web-based Toilet. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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