The Worst Album Art Of 2022


Even AI couldn’t generate all of these.

We are once again flushing another year down the drain. 2022 had its ups and downs. I guess maybe it was better than 2021? I’m not really sure. Everything just blends together in a messy goo until we get one of our few government-approved days off from the acid mines and wage slave pits. Whatever takes our minds off climate change-induced disasters, am I right? While the future remains uncertain, there’s one guarantee beyond death and taxes and that’s bad album art.

While art is subjective and one person’s trash is another’s treasure, here are 50 examples that make you tilt your head, squint your eyes, and go “Huh.”


jimbos garage

Blazer, orange t-shirt, and dungarees provided by Jimbo’s closet.


Fields Of Regret album

‘Fiflds’ is the exact sound coming out of this.


Hok-key album

When a Tool fan and a Dream Theater fan have a child.


Guitar Center the day after everyone cashes grandma’s Christmas check.


Bloodstorm album

Believe it or not, that says Cinder Witch and not Tinder Witch.

Grim and frostbitten door knob face.


What do you mean the McFlurry machine is still broken?!


Taliesin album

This is a deep social commentary on our planet’s fragility and also teehee there’s a tushy.


Ugh, that’s the last time I eat at Jersey Mike’s. I don’t care that it’s real close to home, it’s not worth it.


Also the end of finishing your drawings, apparently.


Mad Max Beyond Conandome: Aggro Road


Animalize album

I’ll just have the salad.


Ghost In The Machine album

The ex-wives have the kids for the weekend, so it’s time to rock the f- out!




Bastard album

I’m not up on my emojis but I think this is a tribute to Jason Vorhees’s titties.


Invid album



Ecryptus album

5 minutes into Dark Souls and chill and he gives you this look (and some of his intestines).


Skeptic Lens album

“You gotta buy on the dip, bro. Lenscoine is about to go to the moon!”


It was only a matter of time before we got A24 Movies 4 Kidz.


The Word 666 album

Intravenus to Milol


It’s still better than having a dream catcher.


You hate me because I’m different.

I hate you because you’re all the s-OH GOD MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!


Slaves Of Our Mind album

Slaves to a cracked version of Photoshop and muddy colors


Jorn album

Old Man Cyclops and Kenny Rogers



We’ll just put a happy little post-apocalyptic nightmare over here. It’ll be our little secret.


Aqua Furtivae album

Me trying to figure out how to set up a profile on Mastodon.


toxik dis morta album

How long before this gets co-opted by the next far-right extremist conspiracy group and ends up on the back of pickup trucks flying Let’s Go Brandon flags?


Zane album

She also has a Blingee account.


Death to the nimbostratus!


I’m just as surprised as the monster.


We live in a beautifuck society.


Me every time someone quotes Monty Python and expects me to laugh.


The Water Striders album

I know there’s a lot going on here, but is that Godzilla in the background?


Not even bethonged butts and prominent Dr. Manhattan banana hammocks?


Encryptment album

Haunted by the ghosts of a thousand jizz tissues in your garbage.


Look out, Rie! You’re about to be sucked into that engine!


Inside of you there are two Kool-Aid Men.


Am I being too hard on a band called Ballsqueezer? Perhaps. Perhaps not.


Abbath album

Sure, Abbath is possibly possessed by Satan, but I’m more concerned with his sausage fingers.


The cruelest circle of Hell, where demons dangled a hairy heart over your head while spaghetti drips down onto your rotting corpse somewhere outside Miami.


Well, I was going to buy this album for my child until I saw the parental advisory.


Spikes Guitar Camp album

Whoop whoop, Spike.


*Rolls 20 to defeat the dragon with the power of riffs*


Drowning Pool Strike A Nerve album

I’m just as surprised as you to find out that Drowning Pool put out a new album this year,




Please fly into the sun. Please fly into the sun. Please fly into the sun.


Mom, shut the door! I told you to knock while I’m recording!


I see Rippy has been mixing Wes Craven’s Shocker and copious amounts Monster Energy again.


Zoltan Weebory


I’m still waiting for Jon Schaffer’s mugshot.


Got any others that belong on the list? Think any of these “whip sack” or whatever it is people say today in an effort to hang onto their fading youth? Let us know in the comments.

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