This Toilet Tuesday (4/19/22)


It’s Toilet Tuesday, and in a shocking twist of events, completing this week’s list did not leave me wishing for death at the end. There’s a hell of a lot of music on the way this week, sure, but it seems like the majority of it is pretty good; I think my Bandcamp wishlist went up by about ten items. In any case, there’s a lot of fun to be had this week, so hit that list and tell us what you’re jamming.

LiveWire – Under Attack! (Independent) [Thrash/Speed Metal]
Listen to “A Cold Day in Hell”

I’m gonna be honest here: based on that combination of logo and cover art, I went into this expecting some kind of memey 80’s throwback that was all cheese and no substance. While there’s definitely some cheese present (as one would expect from anything associated with speed metal), god damn can these boys riff. The main melody of the verse is absolutely wild and the singing- more polished, more power metal in execution than trad metal- delivers some mighty hooks. Never have I been so happy to be proven wrong- I’m very much looking forward to this thing hitting on Friday. 4/22/22 (Spear)

Aerodyne – Last Days of Sodom (Rock of Angels Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Razor’s Edge”

Armory – Mercurion (Dying Victims Productions) [Speed Metal]

Au-Dessus – Mend (LADLO) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Negation II”

Bloodred – Ad Astra (Massacre Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Neon Gods”

Bridear – Aegis of Athena (Avex Trax) [Heavy/Power Metal]
Listen to “Greed”

Cælibatus – Het Laatste Oordeel (Independent) [Death Metal]

Caliban – Dystopia (Century Media) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Dystopia”

Capel Beulah/Olkoth – split (Signal Rex) [Black Metal]
Listen to “The Infernal Ceremony” (Olkoth)

Corpsessed – Succumb to Rot (Dark Descent) [Death Metal]

Credic – Vermillion Oceans (Black Lion Records) [Melodeath]

Cultic – Of Fire and Sorcery (Independent) [Death Doom]

Dawohl – Leviathan (Dolorem Records) [Death Metal]

DeathCave – II (Satanik Royalty Records) [Blackened Sludge]
Listen to “Birch Trees Are Bones”

Denigrate – Blackguard (Inverse Records) [Gothic Metal]

Desecresy – Unveil in the Abyss (Xtreem Music) [Death Metal]

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Wilde Kinder (Nuclear Blast) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Wilde Kinder”

Domkraft/Slomatics – Ascend​​/​​Descend (split- Majestic Mountain Records) [Doom/Sludge]

Einvigi – Yö kulje kanssani (Independent) [Folk/Post-Black Metal]

Electrocutioner – Escape From the Catacombs (Independent) [Thrash/Dungeon Synth]

Epinikion – Inquisition (Independent) [Symphonic Metal]
Listen to “Strangers in the Dark”

Escaping Aghartha – Croak (Independent) [Blackened Doom]
Listen to “Chytrid”

Extinction in Progress – Shades of Pale (Inverse Records) [Melodeath]

Feral Light – Psychic Contortions (I, Voidhanger) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Wells of Blackness”

Fer de Lance – The Hyperborean (Independent) [Doom/Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Ad Bestias”

Flayed Disciple – A Hell in Living Flesh (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Warmaster”

Gonezilla – Aurore (Independent) [Gothic Metal]

Hate Gods – Face Inocente (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Licet Ad Capiendos: 20 de Abril de 1233”

Hive of the Mantids – Stoned Hedge the Sledgehog (Independent) [Brutal Sanic Death Metal]

Huntsmen – The Dying Pines (Prosthetic Records) [Post-Metal]
Listen to “Carry On”

Icarus Lives – Scorched Reprise (Independent) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Secret Keeper”

Jealous Wild – Land of Eternity (M’s Rising) [Heavy Metal]

Malaise Shire – Painful Ritual of Despair (Independent) [Black Metal]

Marissa Nadler/Amenra/Cave In – Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III (split- Neurot Recordings) [Depressing Folk]
Listen to “Kathleen” (Amenra)

Mirror – The Day Bastard Leaders Die (Cruz del Sur Music) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Souls of Megiddo”

Miseration – Black Miracles and Dark Wonders (Massacre Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Enuma Elish”

Mosaic – Heimatspuk (Eisenwald) [Black Metal]

Mountain of Smoke – Imprinted (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Muthas Pride – After Tears~明日への光(あすへのきぼう) (Black-listed Records) [Heavy Metal]

National Napalm Syndicate – The New Hell (Iron Shield Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Poison Crown”

Novarupta – Carrion Movements (Suicide Records) [Blackened Sludge]
Very descriptive preview

Nuclear Storm – Tales from the Depth (Independent) [Death Metal]

Path of Might – Deep Chrome (Independent) [Sludge]

Pyreficativm – Oneiron (Independent) [Black Metal]

Question Thy God – The Greater Whole (Independent) [Black Metal]

Radiant – Written by Life (Massacre Records) [lolbuttz]
Listen to “Contagioned”

Reaper – Viridian Inferno (Dying Victims Productions) [Black/Speed Metal]

Sentient Horror – Rites of Gore (Testimony Records) [Death Metal]

Serpentshrine – Allegiance to the Myth (Signal Rex) [Black Metal]

Siberian Meat Grinder – Join the Bear Cult (Destiny Records) [Crossover Thrash]

Singularity – Obscured Reality (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Arrow of Time”

Skull Fist – Paid in Full (Atomic Fire Records) [Heavy Metal]

Speckmann Project – Fiends of Emptiness (Emanzipation Records) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Fiends of Emptiness”

Survival Instinct – Fatal Venin (Personal Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Fatal Venin”

Svet – The Truth (Northern Silence Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “I Am the Star”

The Sway of Mountains – Comfort (Independent) [Instrumental Prog]

Systemhouse33 – Salvation (Independent) [Groove Metal]

Te Ruki – Marako Te Ruki (Independent) [Black Metal]

Thos Ælla – Sempiternal Mobocracies (I, Voidhanger) [Blackened Death Metal]

Tyrannus – Unslayable (Independent) [Black Metal]

Undeath – It’s Time… to Rise from the Grave (Prosthetic Records) [Death Metal]

Void Dancer – Prone Burial (Modern Grievance) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Utopian Sprawl”

Waldhexen – For Those Who Suffer (Independent) [Black Metal]

ZOS – The Whole of the Body I Call ZOS (I, Voidhanger) [Weird Drone]
Listen to “Volition”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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