This Toilet Tuesday (5/23/23)


Pop a squat—the pale pedestal of procrastination beckons. This week we’ve got a slurry of speed metal, electronic elements galore, and even a batch of oldschool deathcore like Mama used to make. Don’t settle for fecal FOMO, check these dumplings while they’re steaming hot!

Kostnatění – Úpal (Willowtip Records) [Dissoblack]

“Nevolnost je vše, čím jsem (Nausea Is All I Am)” is an aptly named track—this is black metal during a bout of vertigo, when the world is spinning and only rarely matches the expected orbit. Despite the constant dissonance, there’s enough groove to help make out the borders of this hallucinogenic nightmare. Though the minute details may melt away during our waking hours, Kostnatění’s dreadful vision remains intact—a specter of discomfort, an abscess that rewards repeated prodding. –Roldy

Anarchÿ – Retching Necropolis (Independent) [Prog Thrash]

Arrival of Autumn – Kingdom Undone (Nuclear Blast) [Metalcore / Groove]

Black Viper – Volcanic Lightning (Edged Circle Productions) [Speed / Thrash]

Blood Nightmare – Pillars of Chaos (Fighter Records) [Speed]

Bosporans Fall – G​ö​tterspiel: Dunkle Zeiten (MDD Records) [Melodeath]

Breath of Wind – Sunset Rays (Independent) [Atmoblack]

Cactus Cathedral – Suspending All Belief (Independent) [Stoner Rock]

Carry the Torch – Delusion (Black Lion Records) [Melodeath / Groove]

Cenobite – Torment Your Flesh and Explore the Limits of Experience (Svanrenne Music) [Death]

Church of the Dead – Beyond Death (Redefining Darkness Records) [Death]

Convictors – Tartaros (Kernkraftritter Records) [Blackened Death]

Delyria – III: Oracles and Tentacles (Great Dane Records) [Deathrash]

DeVicious – Code Red (Metalapolis Records) [Power / Heavy]

Distorted Force – Angelic Bloodshed (Soman Records) [Prog Death]

Dratna – Fom​ó​raigh (Fiadh Productions) [Raw/Lo-Fi Symphonic Black]

Dying Phoenix – Winter is Coming (El Puerto Records) [Symphonic Power]

Elohims Sterne – Seraphim (Independent) [Industrial Black]

Ethereal Void – Gods of a Dead World (Abstrakted Records) [Symphonic Death]

Evil Brain Taste – Number Two (Independent) [Deathrash]

Formalist – We Inherit a World at the Seams (Brucia Records) [Blackened Doom / Sludge / Noise]

Garoted – Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages (Lavadome Productions) [Death]

Ǥứŕū – Nova Lvx (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) [Prog Black]

Haunted Gods – S/T (The Fish Factory) [Symphonic Power]

Heathen Kings – Fealty to None (Independent) [Trad / Power]

Immortal – War Against All (Nuclear Blast) [Black]

In Torment I Die – The Unfathomable Darkness of the Fall (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Inmortalia – Alegorías (Independent) [Symphonic Power]

Into Dark – I, Glance (Independent) [Black]

itSELF – The Absence (Independent) [Symphonic Blackened Death]

Kalmah – S/T (Ranka Kustannus) [Melodeath]

Legion of the Damned – The Poison Chalice (Napalm Records) [Deathrash]

Liquid Flesh – Dolores (Time to Kill Records) [Death ‘n Roll]

Medievales – Bleed (Forevermore) (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Ambient]

Medievales/AagmA – Split (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Ambient]

Mesarthim – Arrival (Avantgarde Music) [Atmoblack / Electronic]

Metal Church – Congregation of Annihilation (Rat Pak Records) [Heavy / Thrash]

Mongreth – Horrific Barbaric Atrocities (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Nibiru – Anamorphosis (Argonauta Records) [Avant-garde Black]

Nurcry – Llantos de luz (Demons Records) [Heavy]

Ockra – Gratitude (Argonauta Records) [Doom / Folk / Rock]

Olkoth – At The Eye of Chaos (Everlasting Spew Records) [Blackened Death]

Ondfødt – Det Österbottniska M​ö​rkret (Black Lion Records) [Blackened Death]

Open Kasket – Blood Moon (Independent) [Deathcore]

Oryad – Sacred & Profane (Independent) [Symphonic Power]

Osy Mainty – Euthanasia (Masters of Kaos Productions) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Industrial]

Phlebotomized – Clouds of Confusion (Hammerheart Records) [Prog Death]

Portal to Oblivion – Butterfly Effect (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Electronic]

Reasons Behind – Architecture of an Ego (Scarlet Records) [Power / Electronic]

S.U.P. – Octa (Independent) [Groove / Melodeath / Industrial]

Sanctuary – The Moon That Never Sets (Morte Creations) [Black / Dungeon Synth]

Sarvekas – Woven Dark Paths (Soulseller Records) [Black]

Septic Agressor – Crush the Church (Independent) [Deathrash]

Sigir – Rainmaker (Gramophone Records) [Melodeath]

Sirenia – 1977 (Napalm Records) [Symphonic Power]

Skeletal Throne – Barbaric Torment (Mexican Steel Prods) [Death]

Speedwhore – Visions of a Parallel World (Dying Victims Productions) [Speed / Blackthrash]

Stormage – Ashes of Doom (El Puerto Records) [Heavy / Power / Thrash]

Strange Horizon – Skur 14 (Apollon Records) [Doom / Hard Rock]

Teitan – In Oculus Abyss (Onism Productions) [Dissoblack / Experimental]

Terrifier – Trample the Weak, Devour the Dead (Empire Records) [Thrash]

The Foreshadowing – Forsaken Songs (Ardua Music) [Gothic]

The Silent Rage – Nuances Of Life (Scarlet Records) [Power / Thrash]

Trespass – Wolf At the Door (From the Vaults) [NWoBHM]

Trold – Der Var Engang​.​.​. (Mighty Music) [Melodeath / Folk]

Under Attack – Fury of the Thunder God (Lake of Fire Productions) [Heavy / Thrash]

Usnea – Bathed in Light (Relapse Records) [Doom / Sludge]

Vorder – False Haven (Suicide Records) [DSBM]

Vexing – Grand Reproach (Independent) [Sludge]

Victory Over the Sun – Dance You Monster To My Soft Song! (Independent) [Experimental Black]

Violent Sin – Serpent’s Call (Independent) [Speed / Black]

Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll (Metal Blade) [Death]

Walk With Titans – Olympian Dystopia (Rockshots Records) [Power / Thrash]

Whythre – Impregnate My Hate (Independent) [Prog Death]

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