TMP: BTBAM, Unreqvited, Zvi, And More!


Welcome to the News Hole.

Our usual paperboy Joaquin is out today, so we only have moderately snarky descriptions that might get us in trouble with labels and PR.

Between The Buried And Me are still not on Metal Archives.


Dennis The Hooded Menace.


Unreqvited still batting 1.000 with every new song.


Malrun running on lots of mal.


Our good friend Zvi has a new 2-song, 30 minute EP. Buy it. Now.

  • Shadows Fall are playing a reunion show in December with (who else?) Unearth, Within The Ruins, Sworn Enemy and more.
  • Matt Pike (High On Fire, Sleep) is releasing an illustrated book of lyrics if you need pretty pictures to go along with songs like Devilution.
  • Friend of the Toilet Ross Sewage and Exhumed will be touring the US this Fall with Creeping Death, Bewitcher, and Enforced.

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