Programming Notes: Our Posting Schedule is Changing + TOH Survey


Howdy folks. We’re making a couple of changes with our posting schedule ’round here and I want to keep you all abreast (hehehehe).

Every person that writes for Toilet Ov Hell has a job, or goes to school, or does one of those things while juggling a family. We don’t get paid to blog/shill like a certain pair of basement dwelling nerds. We want to continue to create quality posts that we are passionate about, rather than making a mad rush to just get *something* out into the ether. We all enjoy creating content for this site, but it can be very taxing to write enough posts to fill our existing schedule. So we’re changing the schedule to make things a little easier for us and hopefully you, the reader.

Since the site launched, we’ve run a minimum of five posts a day. Starting tomorrow we will run a minimum of four posts a day. New content will go live at these times:

  • 9 AM CST
  • 11 AM CST
  • 1 PM CST
  • 3 PM CST


ALSO, I’d like to get some basic demographic data on just who you people are. I’ve put up a (very) short survey here and it would be pretty cool if you filled it out. Thank you in advance!


Feel free to let me know that I’m a lazy jerk below. Or use it to suggest new recipes! It’s an Open Swim!

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