Premiere: Deathmarch – Dismember


Smash that mf’in HM-2!

Heavy metal has no shortage of what we so lovingly call worship bands. Bands created with the sole intent to pay homage to (and RIFF like) the bands that they…uh…worship. Some of these bands are so dedicated that you’d almost believe that they worked some kind of blood magic to bring back the dead. In fact, it seems like the worship angle really works when bands lean in and fully embrace it. Enter Dutch death squad Deathmarch. At a glance it should become obvious what they sound like. I mean, just look at this album art:

I mean, there’s a massive chainsaw and the EP is simply titled Dismember. This is worship music in the vein of Swedeath legends like Dismember, Grave and Entombed, but Deathmarch know it and they totally own it. Of course just owning it is half the battle, and it doesn’t mean much if the music itself isn’t any good. Luckily the music is what the youths of today would call “rill gud.”

Dismember walks a fine line of praising the greatness of swedeath while finding it’s own voice in an incredibly crowded subgenre (much like Brutally Deceased). Appropriately enough it’s the voice of that band, Dirk Willems, that helps them find that voice by offering up uniquely husky vocals that border on slam gutturals on occasion. Everything else you’d hope to find in swedeath is here: earthquake drums, chunky guitars, swaggering grooves… they’re all here in spades. But why just take my word for it? We’ve got the whole EP right heqqin here for you to check out! Grab a beer, hit play and jam!

Dismember is out now via Black Lion Records. You can grab it here, and give the band a like on Facebook here.

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