Shirt Stains: Hatebreed & Slaughter To Prefail

Slaughter To Prevail Alex Terrible homophobic transphobic

Alex Terrible and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad T-Shirt.

If you’ve been paying attention this week, you might have seen Slaughter To Prevail‘s vocalist URURURURURer Alex Terrible stuck his demon mask directly in his mouth (unfortunately not literally) with an Instagram video talking about what a “real man” does. People were upset at the video as it was viewed by many as being homophobic and transphobic. Rather than reflecting on why his video was taken that way and trying to make amends and be a better person, Alex Awful then doubled down, talking about brainwashing children and other nonsense. He even earned the support of Falling In Reverse‘s Ronnie Radke for his dipshittery. If Ronnie Radke is getting your back, you’re fucking up.

If that wasn’t enough, Alex Unfortunate TRIPLED DOWN, stomping his feet, saying he won’t respect people. Good move! Keeping digging that hole. Nothing demands respect like multiple backwards-thinking, oppressive, head-in-the-sand rants on social media. It’s kind of a theme for Alex Edgy. I’d say stick to making shitastic deathcore covers of pop songs for Youtube, but, no, don’t do that either.

All this is just to preface a head-scratching collaboration shirt between Slaughter To Prevail and your favorite “We bought the rights to the festival, so that’s why we’re on it” band, Hatebreed. NOW. IS THE TIME. FOR ME TO RISE. AND CASH A CHECK.

Slaughter To Prevail Hatebreed shirt


Why? No, seriously. I’m asking you. Why? Why is there a Hatebreed/Slaughter To Prevail shirt? I can’t recall two band sharing the same shirt that wasn’t a tour shirt. I don’t think they’ve toured together. If they did, the sheer amount of questionable tattoos and lack of necks in the audience would cause the universe to implode on itself. They didn’t do a split 7″ either. The breakdowns would be as heavy as they are generic.

So why was this shirt made? Slaughter To Prevail asked Hatebreed. Presumably they took Hatebreed out to a nice seafood dinner at Red Lobster, loaded them up with cheddar bay biscuits and Lobster Caesars, got down on one knee and popped the big question. And guess what? Hatebreed said yes, you guys! They made Slaughter To Prevail the luckiest hurgl-gurglers in the entire world. Ah, capitalism romance.

The combination of the American flag and the Russian flag probably plays real well among certain circles it is considered a dark horse Republican presidential candidate. This shirt probably has its own Telegram channel. I really had to squint to see what was in the middle of the shirt. I thought it was some deformed elephant, which would certainly fit in with the aforementioned “certain circles”. Instead it’s a buff gray blob with the Slaughter To Prevail mask, holding two morning stars. Okie dokie. The sleeves feature both bands logos, if that’s your thing. The back says Worldwide Brutality. I’d hate to find out what Alex Unimpressive actually means by that.

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