TMP: Khemmis, The Sword, Norma Jean, and More!


After reading an essay by DF Wallace this weekend, where he reviews an american grammatical usage guide, I noticed an interesting similarity between usage guides and this news segment. He describes a certain irony in these types of publications, where “the people who are going to be interested in such a book are also the people who are least going to need it”. You people tend to already know everything, but anyway, here’s what I got!

Instead of posting a bunch of new tour posters this week, our friends at Earsplit made a GIGANTIC list of tour dates for all the bands they represent. Check it out and go see some shit! 

(Using this word to upset a few people on purpose) The supergroup featuring members of Killswitch Engage, Cannibal Corpse, and ex-The Black Dahlia Murder, Serpentine Dominion released a new song. Not a huge fan of that name. I would have gone with “Corpse Murder Engage”.  

Some of my favorite stoner doomites, Khemmis, released a new song off their upcoming album. It sounds more polished than their previous release, which I love to no end. I dig the song mightily, but maybe need to get used to the cleaner production. It’s not a bad thing at all, just different.  

Sahg, sorta stonery-rock/metal, posted a new song on bandcamp for their album coming September 23.

I am really digging this new progressive/sludge/punkish track from Ayahuasca (I think there are a few bands with this name) from their upcoming album out September 9

Following the tragic death of their vocalist, Aleah Starbridge, Trees of Eternity are set to release their next album on November 11. Here is the first single.

Testament released the cover for their album coming October 28. I don’t remember seeing the tri-headed snake in the last Macy’s day parade.


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