Chaska’s “Nymph of the Lake”


Peruvian band Chaska has been making waves in the South American scene since 2002. This week, the band announced their newest work, Rites of June, a 6-track EP that will be released on May 5 via Finnish Inverse Records.

Chaska plays melodic death metal infused with Andean music traditions. Their music heavily features Andean wind instruments including the quena (flute) and the siku (panpipes). While the use of Andean winds in metal has become increasingly trendy in South American metal, Chaska is notable for being one of the pioneers of this style. In addition to the instrumentation, the band’s sound features a mix of clean and harsh vocals. The lyrics, primarily in English with occasional Spanish and Quechua, add a contemplative and often fantastical spin to Andean history and stories.

In the lead up to the new EP, Chaska has released a studio version of their track “Nymph of the Lake.” According to the band, this track is inspired by Lake Titicaca and attempts to capture “a watery and nocturnal environment.” The song narrates a band-created legend about two lovers merging together and ascending to the astral plane. The quena and the siku, in addition to guitars, bass, and drums, contribute to the track’s otherworldly feel.

Rites of June will be released on May 5 via Finnish Inverse Records.

You can follow the band and listen to Chaska’s previous music here:

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