Tech Death Thursday: Hadal Maw


It’s that time again. Prepare yourself.

Today, we’re gonna check out a band from Australia called Hadal Maw. They’re really, really good at what they do, and what they do is pretty fuckin’ sweet on it’s own. Their debut album Senium was released earlier this year. Before we get into more detail, check out “Aetas de Morior”:

For a debut record, this band sounds absolutely incredible. If I hadn’t already told you that it was their debut, you’d probably assume that they’d been at it for quite a while. The production is absolutely perfect; everything is distinguishable, everything can be heard clearly. You might notice that they also do a really good job of throwing some weedilies in there without going full on deedily. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the drums sounds better than a lot of other bands. In case all that isn’t enough for you, Hadal Maw even get a little dissonant at times. What really impresses me is that they manage to blend the old school death metal sound with the new school, throwing technicality in for good measure. It ends up sounding damn good. The best example of this would probably be “From the Mouths of Monsters,” which starts off sounding very At the Gates-y, then explodes into a blistering, riff-laden maelstrom of blast beats and raging vocals:

It’s pretty clear where these guys draw their influence. From the previously mentioned At the Gates to Origin and Decapitated. On occasion, if you listen closely, you can hear a little bit of Gorod in there. Another positive: each song on the album has its own identity that allows it to be distinctly recognizable. Even with the variance in songs, Senium manages to flow smoothly. Seeing as they sound like seasoned veterans on their debut album, I can only imagine what is on the horizon for these dudes. Keep an eye on Hadal Maw. Go show them some love on Facebook. Head to Bandcamp to stream their entire album.


Now it’s time for a guest submission from Simon Phoenix:

With a few exceptions, I am not a fan of tech death. Why waste time with a dozen scalpels when you can just go straight for the one big machete? On the same token, why waste time with 7 or 8 strings when you can just tear shit up with 6? Too much work, not enough feeling, not enough pain. But ho, Boreworm remembered the “death” in tech death didn’t they? The riffs they get out of those extra strings can fillet some helpless sucker in no time flat. Their otherworldly expansive approach to tech death sounds like all the indescribable beings from beyond the stars gathering to lay waste to all lifeloving mortals, and they have the meaty production to back it up; cold and precise without sounding forced. Sounds like a party to me. “Xenophagia” in particular is the perfect soundtrack to using a fucking tank to run over as many djent loving plebs as possible (Jack note: fuck djent!). Simon says headbang and embrace the fucking void.


Can confirm, am headbanging! That’s it for this week boys and girls. Until next time,

Stay Tech.



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