Flush It Friday: Mods Are Asleep, Do Crime Edition


But not here though.

Look, it’s Friday arvo here. I’m rooted from work/life/blog-doin’/poopin’ etc. Joe’s still away. Dubya is still retired. Masterlord is still ghostin’. Basically, there’s not gonna be anyone to stop you from committing felonies. We trust that you’ll make us proud. Mostly by doing all kinds of victimless crimes. Be good to each other. Pat an animal. Do some gardening. Catch up on any of our content you may have missed during the week. Do not watch movies featuring Ryan Reynolds. Make art.

Kit and I got weird

Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.15 We Get Weird

Joaquin brought us some beautiful Kiwi instrumental metal

Premiere: Into Orbit – “Horus”

365 and Breno talked about hair and Devin Townsend

Toilet Radio 177: Heavy Metal Hair Care

And Spear came thru with a double dish of teqq

Tech Death Thursday: Allegaeon and Hath

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