TovH Radio Ep. 28: Feat. Dischordia and Those Darn Gnomes


On this week’s episode, Joe sits down to chop it up with Stockhausen of Dischordia and Christian Molenaar of Those Darn Gnomes. Join us for exclusive premieres from each of their new records and jams from Seax and Neverending Winter. We’re talkin’ bout playing the flute, meditations on death, and Isaac Newton stabbing himself in the eye. It’s a good one.

Music featured on this program:

Seax – “Nuclear Overdose” from Speed Metal Mania (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Neverending Winter – “Snow” from Series of Decades (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Dischordia – “The Road” from Thanatopsis, out November 25th (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Those Darn Gnomes – “Salome” from The Zodiac, out November 25th (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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