Long ago in a mailbox far, far away…

There is unrest in the household. Record boxes pile up on the porch and the mailbox overflows with parcels containing patches and cassettes.

Eagerness overtakes the inhabitant of the house, the keyboard clacks and the mouse scrolls until more packages are ordered. Limited edition pressings are purchased, special colored variants are bought. Nothing can stop this addiction of the consumer. Another patch for the jacket, another CD for the shelf. The collection is ever-growing and extensions must be put on the house, but the purchaser never ceases. One by one they amass their shrine to the gods.

Dio and Lemmy will surely be pleased. “Just one more piece, just one more piece,” the collector utters.

Karhu, being the mighty Beargod that he is, shows his eclectic haul with classics from King Diamond, DOOM from Dopethrone, skulls from Ranger and Dubbbz’s favorite Iron Maiden album.


JJD proves that we don’t know shit about Dad-Rock like he does with Little Feat albums.


JAG scored an array of cassettes from Saint Vitus to Napalm Death, posters from Meshuggah and Sabaton and a CD containing one of the best solo debuts of all time.

14212575_10210542347864922_1131384606850103154_n jag

The one we call the Gazing Globe of Elegance received 2 modern records by Hellbringer and Blood Incantation while keeping up his classics collection with some purple Morbid Angel.

egg2 egg3 egg4

Scrimm solidifies his place as Demilich‘s biggest fan, while getting some classic Dio and one of Australia’s finest offerings.

scrimm scrimm2 scrimm3

Our mighty Thrashlord Simon picked up some sweet threads from a recent Razor and Bat show, while receiving some old-school Slayer worship that is Hellbringer.

simon simon2

SMOHLG shows us he is more kvlt than most of us here with Blut Aus Nord, VI and some stuff that I don’t recognize.


Slipjackthewanderer received Subrosa and an upside down space battle, both very pretty discs.

slipjackthewanderer slipjackthewanderer2

nbm02ss cuts straight to the point with his new hat.


Tyree keeps it real with one of the greatest live albums of all time, a sick Halloween box set and a plethora of other releases including Driller Killer.

tyree tyree2 tyree4

Super Nintendo Chalmers picked up a bunch of cool shit including SEWERCIDE!


Everyone’s favourite detective Jimmy McNulty picked up TWO copies of that new Colosso “because it was limited to 200 copies, NO REPRESSES!”, and a sweet signed Sarcoptes bundle!


And mailmanbro delivered to me some Steel, Stoner, things in between and a TRUE METAL MANOWAR BACKPATCH!!!!!

Now it is your turn! Show us the righteous objects you received in your mailbox last month!

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