TMP: White Ward, Vastum, Dragonforce, and More!


New music for your day of unlabor.

More black stuff from White Ward.

Some death metal from Vastum.

Vitriol is heavy.

  • Get weird with new Dysrhythmia.
  • Cattle Decap, Full of Hell, Atheist tour.
  • Chelsea Wolfe tour.
  • Paul Masvidal solo track.
  • New Dragonforce is Dragonforce, I’m sure.
  • Ingested also had some shitty visa issues. Missing a few dates.
  • Sabaton were in the desert for some reason and got in a car accident. Should be fine.
  • Unsane broke up.
  • Hell yeah, Intronaut are using Alex Rudinger and working with Ben Sharp on their newest. Should be good.
  • New Rings of Jupiter in her hair.
  • Some grind from No One Knows What The Dead Think.
  • Mayhem has a new song, touring with Morbid Angel, Watain, and Incantation.
  • Thrash with new Municipal Waste.
  • New Leprous is not very metal at all, but the vocals are wild.
  • Techcore from Sea of Treachery.


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