Premiere: Let Master Show You “The Inner Strength of the Demon”


It’s not every day you get the chance to unveil a brand new track from an absolute legend, but today is no ordinary day, and this is no ordinary premiere. What’s that? The clarion call of an absolutely massive track from an austere death metal institution? You bet your sweet ass it is. On this most hallowed of Thursdays, I have the distinct pleasure of unveiling a hitherto unheard song from mad thrashing death metal architects Master. Behold, “The Inner Strength of the Demon.”

Would you believe that Master have been marching along for over three decades now, not only releasing killer album after killer album, but shaping the course of death metal all along the way by making sure the extremity stayed fast and loose with a raw, thrash-born attitude? Of course you would because you are a reader of wealth and taste. You recognize professionalism, quality, and daggum power when you hear, and boy howdy does this new Master track deliver.

Old-school to its core, “The Inner Strength of the Demon” is a combat boot kick to the teeth, a throwback to the halcyon days of sweltering, Floridian nastiness, when death metal bands wrote riffs and sneered through meth-rotted teeth and stomped with swamp-ass-induced rage and spite. A time when you could lose yourself just headbanging to the new rage in a humid storage unit while a band whipped you into a pit-crushing frenzy with nothing more than the power of the riff.

“The Inner Strength of the Demon” is just such an unassuming, violence-inducing callback that draws from the seminal band’s rich heritage. Constructed with a simple formula of sinister riffs, caveman drums, and leering growls all maximized to deliver 100% headbangability. No frills. No tricks. Just one riff after another, as hostile as the Unreleased 1985 album and as crunchy and groovy as Faith Is In Season, with a killer double-time kick in the ass guaranteed to make you feel that blistering solo in your throbbing neck and back. Master ask for no quarter and give none in return.

For as much as metal has changed, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of why we all fell in love with this genre in the first place. And that’s exactly why we need the experience of the Master.

Vindictive Miscreant drops November 28th. You can pre-order it here from Transcending Obscurity and connect with the band on Facehole.

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