TMP: Wormwitch, Lord Dying, Ulver, and More!


Mods are gone, post big jazz boy news instead.

New pretty good black metal from Wormwitch.

Brannthorde (Downfall of Gaia, Ex-Der Weg) sounds alright.

New Lord Dying, album out April 26.

  • Ulver are doing the West Coast now and still coming nowhere near me.
  • Rammstein got NSFW and probably problematic. I didn’t watch it.
  • New Skindred.
  • Full of Hell is hitting South America.
  • Rivers of Nihil, Black Crown Initiate are touring Europe.
  • Album teaser from Abrahma.
  • I usually don’t post new videos after the album comes out, but I wanted to check out this Devin Townsend video and will forget unless I post it here.
  • Dreadnought, Big Brave are touring.
  • Speaking of Big Brave, new track here.
  • New Chokehold.
  • Very good doom festival on 4/20 in LA.
  • Sworn Enemy music.
  • A new tune from Exumer.
  • Speedy metal from Vulture.
  • Another new Antropomorphia.
  • Tech from Fractal Universe.
  • Tech from Inanimate Existence.
  • The Tengger Cavalry train is never too late.
  • New track from cartoon dudes Belzebubs.
  • Very long track from Varaha.
  • New Gardsghastr. No, I didn’t just smash my keyboard.

And the rest:

EXTRA! EXTRA! Overnight Lizard news corner:

The rad lads in Obliteration won a Spellemann award (Norwegian Grammy) for best metal album of 2018 for. Meaning their album Cenotaph Obscure joins Execration‘s Morbid Dimensions as being recognised as extremely fucking awesome.

Also, Kevin ‘The Huff’ Hufnagel posted a little in-studio video of him laying down some shit for the upcoming Dysrhythmia album. Yeah, it’s only a solo or whatever but I’m hyped as hell for this, so lick my scales or whatever, scumbag.

There’s also another one of him using a spider capo to drop some clean shit

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