Mushroomhead – We Are The Truth: A Video Breakdown


Klaatu Barada Mmmmushroomhead

I’ll admit it. In my younger years I enjoyed me some Mushroomhead. I love a good gimmick and matching masks, uniforms, and a weird mixture of sounds is always appealing. There’s a reason why the band has been kicking around for 25 years. With seven albums, three DVDs, and a whole lot of tours under their masks, they’ve made it work. The band has a weird appeal and they’ve stretched it out into a decent career, outlasting many of their peers.

In fact, they’ve outlasted many of their own members as well. When you have somewhere around eight members at any given time, there’s bound to be some turnover. Personal issues, conflicts between members, burn out from the road. All the normal things that cause bands to break up become magnified when you add more people. Jeez, just take a look at their member list on Wikipedia.



Ooof, that’s a lot of members. They’re not Motograter bad, but that’s still a lot of people. Just a few weeks ago, the Jeffrey Nothing (Hatrix) left the band. He’s been there since the beginning. Perhaps he just had enough of the mush. Lucky for us, though, he still appears in the band’s new Evil Dead-inspired video. Great timing!


The book is bound in human flesh and inked in mushroom juice.


Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention there’s also sometimes a lady doing vocals for Mushroomhead because three wasn’t enough.


They also have an overcooked piece of Ellio’s pizza doing vocals now.


That’s what you get when you eat at a seafood buffet in a land-locked state.


All these members and still no Pig Benis.


JMann is 10 years younger than Jeffrey Nothing, but somehow looks 20 years older. Hard times, baby.


And that’s how Hawaiian Punch is made.


I feel the same way every time I take the bus and someone sits next to me.


Now you have a Deadite fetish.

If you keep picking at it, it will never heal.


The final scene from the James Hetfield-narrated porn addiction documentary.


Mushroomhead will return in Army Of Dongness


Mushroomhead’s new DVD Volume III is out on August 17th.

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