Amerakin Overdose – “Cunt”: A Video Breakdown


Hmmm. I don’t recall the c-word ever being used in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nu-metal is back, baby! Well, at least according to a handful of record labels that signed a few nu-riffic bands that don’t really fit into a better metal genre. Now that Jncos are now coming back and Limp Bizkit played Hellfest, we’re a mesh tank top and exposed thong away from it becoming reality. I know nu-metal is generally shat upon, but I have a bit of a nostalgia for it. Being young and going to shows, that sort of thing. Sure there are better songs, more talented musicians, and even better gimmicks, but it still holds a place in some metal hearts.

Speaking of gimmicks, we haven’t seen too many from this so-called revival. Where are the masks, the face paint, the multiple vocalists, the female bassist, the nail polish, the crazy facial hair, the wacky fake names, the weird clothes, the misspelled band name, the I’m-so-crazy-I’m-about-to-go-nuts singer?

You’ve got the questions, I’ve got the answers. I’d like you all to meet Portland, Oregon’s Amerakin Overdose. They have a new video out for the song named *ahem* “Cunt”.

0:00: Goo!
0:01: One second in and we’ve already checked off like 3 nu-metal boxes. Bands please take note.
0:03: No one told me there was a mime revival too.
0:04: What? Is there something behind me? What are you pointing at?
0:06: There’s only one thing on my mind right now: I wonder if that kayak is still sea-worthy.
0:12: A janitor’s work is never done.
0:14: Goddamn grease stains!
0:18: It’s Joey Jordinson’s little brother, Jaxxson.
0:22: He’s wearing a mask and face-paint. He’s like a nu-metal turducken.
0:25: And his head is shaped like a pumpkin.
0:28: You don’t often see the I’m-so-crazy-I’m-about-to-go-nuts drummer. It’s like a corpse flower.
0:33: Tie provided by Kohl’s, vest provided by Mushroomhead yard sale.
0:35: Interesting angle choice.
0:44: Why so serious?
0:46: Man, you don’t need all of those keyboards. Just one Little Tikes PopTunes Keyboard and you’re all set.
0:48: Holy honeydews!
0:53: The broom represents the sweeping in all of us. It’s beautiful when you think about it.
0:57: That’s not makeup. He just came to the shoot straight from his shift at Jiffy Lube.
0:59: His eyes say “yes” and his lips say “Woop woop, ninja!”
1:11: Computer programmer by day, Brick the drummer by night. And no, I didn’t just make up a silly name for him. That’s what he goes by.
1:13: I guess Starbie was already taken.
1:18: “Hurrrrrrr!”
1:23: 7 tv’s and nothing but Kardashian shows.
1:27: Don’t you think the leopard-print strap is overdoing it?
1:30: In some scenes he has fingerless gloves, but in others he doesn’t. Did his palms get chilly at one point?
1:33: Uhhh…I think we should just stay friends.
1:38: Nu-metal love dolls, coming to a smut shop near you.
1:47: They’re going to have a serious mildew problem if they don’t get some dehumidifiers in there.
1:51: That guitar is a serious poking hazard.
1:58: Smooth drumstick trick.
2:01: Now why wasn’t she picked as Harley Quinn for the Suicide Squad movie?
2:04: Shoo! Shoo! Going away!
2:07: The bass drum is featured enough to get it’s own fake name. How about ‘Mr. Boomy’?
2:09: That mesh top also serves as a safety net.
2:13: Amerikan Gratuitousness.
2:20: The Sriracha craze has gone too far.
2:24: Shavo really hasn’t recovered from the System Of A Down hiatus.
2:27: Uncle Touchy wants to show you his hot hand.
2:34: I hope his band name is Jimmy No-Neck.
2:40: Or perhaps Billy Bounce-in-place.
2:42: I wonder if she hollows out her hair hive and keeps snacks inside of it.
2:45: Maybe fill it with queso for dipping.
2:50: So…many…arms…movements.
2:57: Seriously, though. Let’s talk about that kayak. How much?
3:00: It was a mask this whole time! Holy shit!
3:05: So why was this song called… you know what, I don’t want to know.

The next time American Head Charge, Godhead, or Crossbreed come to town, they better call Amerakin Overdose. I don’t think this song appears on any album, but if you feel so inclined, the band has a GoFundMe page. Maybe you can finally get that background kayak.

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