Toilet Radio 212: The October Spooktacular Presents MANBORG


Happy October, nerds. To honor this, our spookiest month, we’re gonna be checking out a unique horror film every week. This week we’re joined by our good buddy Robin from Drunk in a Graveyard! She chose an early work from the spectacular Astron 6 team. From the folks that brought you Father’s Day and The Void, we’ve got action/horror/comedy MANBORG. Join us for a tale as old as time, the armies of HELL have destroyed humanity and the only crew that can save us is a team of fighting game characters and a half man/half child manborg. We’re enjoying an hour-long Playstation 1 Full-Motion-Video made to pay tribute to the forgotten gems of the 80s VHS action aisle. We’re also talkin’ aboot Canada cuisine, Canadian politics, putting on Canadian film events, and all kinds of other spooky Canadian shit. I had a great time recording this one so I hope you have a good time listening to it.

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