Toilet Radio 239 – Metal is Cancelled


Metal had a pretty good 50-year run but uhhhhh things happened. On this week’s show: Till Lindemann had the ‘rona til he didn’t! Unfortunately, a bunch of thrash metal old timers are coming down with the virus. Between death and economic ruin, we have to ponder what the future of heavy metal looks like after the pandemic ends. What happens to mid-level bands? What happens to record labels? What happens to venues? On the opposite end of the spectrum, we look at a Business Insider article about a two-piece band that somehow survived touring the country in a Mercedes van, staying at hotels every stop along the way. The horror. In a very special segment, we answer some listener-submitted questions. For some reason, y’all wanted to know about quality recipes, Tom Jones, and slamming the bong. We went a little long on this one because we were having fun. Enjoy!

Music featured on this episode:
Asunojokei – Nocturne II: Stardust

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