Toilet Radio 239 – Please Don’t Disembowel Your Dad in Quarantine


We’re talking about: fucking around and failing out of school, petty landlords vs. bloodless property management conglomerates, the unexpected popularity of Dragonforce circe 2006, a French metal cover artist disemboweling his father, unnecessary metal tributes to Bill Withers, and a KOTTAK ATTACK. Additional discussions: Is it a good idea to put out an album in the middle of a global pandemic? How can you save some dough while still staying thoroughly entertained? Do we understand the latest internet insults? What is up with the drummer from System of a Down? Will we ever buy novelty Coronavirus/metal mashup merch (no!) and Joe fakes the funk on a band tee check. It’s a pretty good one!

Music featured on this show:
Another Day in Paradise by Pyrhhon 

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