Toilet Radio 273 – Lighting Shit on Fire


Happy Wednesday folks. As of 9 AM today no one knows anything, same as it was when we recorded this show last Sunday with our predictions for today. We wrapped up the Halloween Spooktacular last week and the entire time we were enjoying those sweet, sweet horror movies there were two stories tucked in our minds that we were aching to talk about. First up: the quest to crowdfund $33K to restore Vinnie Paul’s piece of shit limo. We got a little heated on this topic so I would like to remind you that this show is a work of parody and is not actionable. Then: we discussed the full fash transition of Five Finger Death Punch. Again, nothing within this week’s show is actionable. There’s a lotta laffs on this one and absolutely nothing that any one of us could ever get in trouble for. It’s a good ‘un.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Kombat The Flesh Collector

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