Toilet Radio 234: Goop but for Metalheads


If you’re joining us for the podcast this morning just know that I’m facedown on a pile of kratom and I may not ever get up again. ANYWAY, things we’re talking about on this show: Breno got axed from his piece of shit job so we’re commiserating with him and also listening to him eat weird Japanese candies. Brian “Head” Welch of KoRn has invested with Doctor Nick Riviera in a new venture that gives wealthy bands places to stop on the road to get a sunshine enema at nootropic drydrunk clinics. There’s a new Five Finger Death Punch album coming. In retrospect, listening to this segment will explain everything you ever need to know about America. There’s pit beef between a hardcore band, The Banner, and Face Without Fear, a nu metal revival act featuring a sex criminal. Ministry successfully weathered the storm of having a band member credibly accused of targeting underage women by… ignoring it entirely! Finally, Moonsorrow is but-the-riffs-ing taking a Nazi band on the road. Fuck, I’m too tired to be angry anymore.

Music featured on this show:
Dead Heat– “Estamos Aqui

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