Toilet Radio 276 – The Bobby Jarzombek Interview


You might know Bobby Jarzombek as the virtuoso behind the drum kit with Riot. Or Fates Warning. Or Arch/Mattheos. Or Sebastian Bach. Or Halford. Or, hell, maybe you’ve seen him at a South Texas dance hall playing with The Texas Jamm Band alongside George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band players. Bobby has been around the block. This week Ian, the fourth mic of the Toilet ov Hell podcast, stepped in to interview Bobby about his insights on playing drums across four decades, how styles and technology change, compartmentalizing his playing approach through genres. I gotta tell ya, it’s an absolute joy to hear a metal mainstay like Bobby talk about his experiences playing country music when he’s not on the road. It’s also a sadly unsurprising to hear that some of his fans don’t like country music! Ian gets Bobby to talk about his experiences as a young gun with Juggernaut partly as a response to his brother playing with S.A. Slayer. You’ll hear how Bobby’s PAINSTAKINGLY recorded a MIDI drum pack at Sound City, the nuances of cymbals, and a tale of his dogs catching a squirrel while doing the interview. RIP squirrel. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode half as much as I did. Fates Warning’s latest album, Long Day Good Night is out right now. Get it here. 

Music featured on this show:
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