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Welcome to the middle of the week, it’s time to forget for a bit that it’s not Friday yet and let these bands induce headbanging.

To start things off today, we’re going to talk about Trancend the Realm, a lesser known band that just recently released their debut Severed From Reality. After listening to these guys for a while, I’m not sure that they fit into just one genre, but tech death is the closest it’s gonna get. While the typical tech death brutality is present in their songs, it never truly takes over and more often than not yields to the proggy side of their music. This isn’t a bad thing though, as their proggy side is just as good, as is the jazzy side. Yes they have a  jazzy side. Trancend the Realm manage to combine proggy goodness, the smoothness of jazz, and elements of tech death into one complete album. It’s probably the most varied album I’ve listened to in a while. One moment your face is melting in a fiery pit of molten lava, and the next you’re floating down the shoreline on a raft watching the sunset and drinking a cold one. These guys do a really good job of living up to their name. Check out the title track from their album:

Now let’s have our brains pummeled by Soreption. These dudes released their second album entitled Engineering the Void earlier this year on Unique Leader, and it’s a phenomenal album. I feel that it’s been a bit overlooked though due to the relentless onslaught of death metal that has hit us in our collective faces this year. Being the tech death head that I am, I cannot abide this. This band is not one that should be buried in the past. Check out the title track “Engineering the Void”:

The short version of my thoughts on these guys would be that they are Unique Leader’s answer to Archspire. Speaking of which, an Archspire, Soreption, and Zenith Passage tour needs to happen. Just saying. Soreption is all about precision. The riffs, the drumming, the bass, hell, even the vocals have a degree of precision to them. I guess you could say they are kind of like older Decapitated that way. I would also like to point out that the solos on this album are to die for. While the solos aren’t necessarily super fast or crazy all the time, there is just something about the guitar tone they use that tends to induce eargasms. Their previous album, Deterioration of Minds, is also amazing and definitely worthy of your wallet as well.

This next band is one that I mentioned in a side note at the end of an earlier TDT post, as well as one I’ve posted in the comments, but I just had to feature them because they are just too damned good for me not to do so. Why Emeth is not a more well known band is something I will never understand.  These guys should be out there touring with the big dogs like Archspire, Origin, and Spawn of Possession. Quite a claim I know, but here’s proof that I’m correct:

Ever since I first heard Emeth’s previous album, Telesis I have been impatiently awaiting new stuff from them. Well after six years, they decided 2014 was the year to drop Aethyr via Xtreem Music. Oh my god, this album is just fanfuckingtastic in every way. The drumming is absolutely monstrous, the riffs are crisp and catchy, the guitars are wonderfully chaotic, the vocals are top notch, and the production is perfect. Aethyr is serious album of the year material, you guys. Every song on the album makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop. Everything I love about this genre is present and executed to perfection in every single song. You all need to get over to their facebook and give them a like, because they only have around 4,000 (seriously wtf?), and it should be closer to 100,000.

Lastly, I want to reiterate if you have a band you want me to feature, shoot us an email at  None of you lolbuttzer’s™ aside from Ghostflusher and Crazytaco_12 have submitted anything.

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