Toilet Radio 231: Learning Politics with Staind and Megadeth


We do a lotta things on this show:
HELLYEAH makes a return and we’ve got questions about the whole dang thing! / Who is Malcolm Gladwell? A 2 minute explainer / Peewee Herman DID NOTHING WRONG! / Nü metal icon Aaron Lewis explains politics and EDM / We try to figure out what an impeachment is / There’s always a market for OLD SCHOOL in your music / We liked Earache better when Digby still answered the phones / Fondly remembering our worst artist interview / We would all probably be happier if we just listened to bro country music / Dave Mustaine once said some shitty things about murder victims but it’s OK cuz he was just drunk. SO QUIT HARPING ON IT, JEEZ  / Getting caned in Singapore for sharpie-ing MEGADETH RULZ on a bathroom wall / Jordan finally saw one of Joe’s favorite movies, Sorry to Bother You. So we talked about it! / Unfortunately, we’ll probably never see anything like a kid’s cartoon hosted by John Candy ever again.

Music featured on this show:
Ripped to Shreds – “Opening Salvo” from Luan

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