This Toilet Tuesday (11/17/15)


If you’re anything like me, you thrive on new music. You revel in the discovery of new sounds, whether they’re completely alien or comfortably familiar. You delight in opening up that new CD or vinyl, or seeing that Bandcamp ticker go up. There’s nothing quite like the joy of finding a new ripping tune. Then you see how long that list is and realize just how many of those awesome new tracks you’ll never hear. You wish you had more time for it all, or for anything. But you don’t; you have a job, or school, or some other commitment that drags you away from what makes you happy. You realize how much time you’ve spent on the inane, vapid crap that fuels our social machine when you could have been spending time with loved ones, or reading, or learning a new skill. You think about how quickly the days seem to pass lately, how a year doesn’t seem like such a long time anymore. And you think about how each one of those short, short years brings you further from achieving your dreams as you fight to keep up with deadlines and work and social engagements, and just that much closer to the end. The thought of your own mortality and the insignificance of your existence spirals around and around in your head until the crushing enormity of it all crashes down on you. You retract from society, you shun your friends, you stay inside. Nothing of worth is going to be achieved in your lifetime. You wither into the grey.

Enjoy the new tunes, everybody!

turbid north

Turbid North – Eyes Alive (The Pyramid) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Eyes Alive”

Turbid North have been blowing up the Texas metal scene, and for good reason. Their previous release, Orogeny, melded tough as nails death metal with Mastodon-esque psychedelia to create what very much sounded like a rougher, tougher version of Blood Mountain. I’m super stoked on the new tracks from Eyes Alive, and I hope the band continues to expand its sonic palette. FFO: Mastodon, Goat the Head, Gorefest 11/20/15 (W.)

sar nath

Sar Nath – Sorrow and Psychopathium Consummate (Merdumgiriz Records) [DSBM]

A mournful ghost haunts the wastes of Henderson, Texas. You can hear its mournful cries echoing across Wiley Webb Lake during the witching hour on a moonless night. Or, you can just check out Sar Nath‘s Sorrow and Psychopathium Consummate. This DSBM record is loaded with the staples of the genre, including pained shrieks, raw production, and minimalist rhythms, but there are some unique elements that keep me coming back for more sorrow. On a day like today, when tragedy feels so real and present, I can find a counterpoint in Sar Nath’s art. FFO: Lifelover, Intig, Borgne 11/16/15 (W.)

darkest era

Darkest Era – Gods and Origins (Cruz Del Sur Music) [Heavy/Power Metal]

The old school heavy metal meets Primordial blueprint of Darkest Era’s latest full-length Severance left me wanting more badly. While we are not served the same epicness here, a folksy ballad and a reworking of an old song ought to keep the worst hunger at bay. 11/20/15 (Karhu)


Nylithia – Hyperthrash (Independent) [Tech Thrash]
Listen to “61-50-7,” “Whips & Chainz,” “Razor,” “Blüdwolves,” “This Far, No Further”

I once saw someone use the analogy that Nylithia is to thrash as tech death is to regular death metal in that it’s thrash, but it’s way over-the-top. And it is; each song is incredibly busy, hand-contorting guitar lines trading with pummeling drums and an ever-flowing barrage of screams. It’s what Revocation would sound like if they were as happy as Battlecross. And did cocaine. Lots of cocaine. 11/21/15 (Spear)

Abhorrent – Intransigence (Willowtip Records) [Disgusting Tech]
Listen to “Ifrit”

Abnabak/Mormânt de Snagov – Triumph of Death (split- Cold Raw Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Memento Mori” (Abnabak)

Adrenal Asphyxia – Gorgonized (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “In the Guts of Gaia”

Anomalie – Refugium (Art of Propaganda) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Untouched Walls,” “Refugium”

Atrorum – Structurae (Apathia Records) [Progressive Black Metal]

Battlecreek – Hate Injection (Independent) [Thrash]

Benefactor Decease – Anatomy of an Angel (Xtreem Music) [Thrash]
Listen to “Electrical Death”

Blood Thirsty – Woe to the City of Blood (Independent) [Brutal Death Metal]

Chronicle – Primordial Fear (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Purification Through Pain”

Contrarian – Polemic (Willowtip Records) [Progressive Death Metal]
Listen to “Polemic”

Coraxo – Neptune (Massacre Records) [Electronic/Melodeath]
Listen to “The Bastion”

Corrosive Elements – Toxic Waste Blues (Greyvestorm Productions) [Death Metal]

Cyψis – Slaves to the Moment (Independent) [Death Metal]

Diatonic – Hidden Pieces (Into the Night Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Led by the Mind”

Diviner – Fallen Empires (Ulterium Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Kingdom Come”

Divine Wind – Revival (Unlimited Records) [Power Metal]

Ending Tyranny – Evolution of Deceit (CDN Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “12 Palms”

Enisum – Arpitanian Lands (Dusktone) [Blackgaze]

Enthauptung – Adirondack (Independent) [Black Metal]

Exuviated – Last Call to the Void (Spinal Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “No Faith Remains”

Fatal Embrace – Slaughter to Survive (Iron Shield Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Slaughter to Survive”

Grauzeit – Antagonist (Independent) [Post-Black Metal]
Listen to “Transformation”

HateSphere – New Hell (Massacre Records) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Lines Crossed Lives Lost,” “New Hell”

Heilnoz/Drengskapur – The Forest’s Arcanum (split- Dominance of Darkness Records) [Black Metal]

Hellgoat – Infernal Zeal (Pale Horse Recordings) [Black Metal]

Imperia – Tears of Silence (Massacre Records) [Symphonic Metal]
Listen to “Crossroads”

Inglorious – Eternal Chaos (Via Nocturna) [Black Metal]

Magic Circle – Journey Blind (20 Buck Spin) [Doom]

Månegarm – Månegarm (Napalm Records) [Viking Metal]
Listen to “Odin Owns Ye All”

Manimal – Trapped in the Shadows (AFM Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “March of Madness”

Mordskog – Mors Est Vitae Essentia (Dementium Distro) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Mors Est Vitae Essentia”

Mountain Throne/Lords of Triumph – Sword Dance/Reaching the End (split- Journey’s End Records) [Doom]

No Bros – Metal Marines (Pure Rock Records) [Heavy Metal]

Null’o’zero – The Enemy Within (Roar! Rock of Angels Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Unleashed by Fire”

Parius – Saturnine (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Saturnine,” “Confined”

Sekoria – Im Reich der Schatten (Kernkrafritter Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Die Nachtigall”

Selene – The Forgotten (Independent) [Symphonic Metal]
Listen to “Dorian,” “Never-Ending Silence”

Sex Murder Art – End of Existence (Rotten Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Incinerating the False Prophets”

A Sickness unto Death – The Great Escape (Source of Deluge Records) [Death/Doom]
Listen to “The Concrete Lake,” “Intoxicated”

Signum Regis – Chapter IV: The Reckoning (Ulterium Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Lost and Found”

Skywings – Sky Legacy (Studio Medras) [Power Metal]

Solution .45 – Nightmares in the Waking State Pt. 1 (AFM Records) [Death/Groove Metal]
Listen to “Perfecting the Void”

Steak Number Eight – Kosmokoma (Indie Recordings) [Sludge/Post Metal]

Steelwing – Reset, Reboot, Redeem (Noiseart Records) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “Reset, Reboot, Redeem”

Underling – Bloodworship (Independent) [Black Metal]

Weeping Birth – The Crushed Harmony (Apathia Records) [Tech Death]

Zloslut – U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama (Winter Blast Halls) [Black Metal]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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