Toilet Radio 328 – And Nothing Else Matters (Bryan Adams Cover)


Holy shit is the site still up? OK good. This is a BIG ASS SHOW. Here it is in a nutshell:
The 2K21 state of blackgaze address / What is the hip new genre in hip metal circles? We speculate wildly! / Nick Hipa exits As I Lay Dying, wonders “Was this a bad idea?” / We take a listen to the latest BAD WOLVES track to understand the newest trends in AGGRESSIVE YET SENSITIVE manly singing / Somebody asked Dan Lilker about CANCEL CULTURE and he probably should not have done that. / Vio-lence, in their own words, were part of a “Super spreader event lmao” / COVID RAGE CORNER / Attila Csihar and his friends are Old / We talk about THE BLACK ALBUM COVERS COMPILATION which is the reason this episode is nine hours long. Folks, it’s a DAAAAAMN GOOD ONE.

Music featured on this sode:
ATRÆ BILISLore Beyond Bone

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