Flush It Friday: Take Out Your Trash


So much trash.

Another week, another municipal dump-load of electrons uploaded to the web. Extremely glad someone is burning our dwindling supply of fossil fuels and rendering the planet inhospitable for the vast majority of organic life just to store the exponentially increasing number of dumb-as-fuck hot takes being belched into binary. To quote my bud W, “the internet was a mistake”.

How can we rectify this? Maybe we can double-down the data, try to balance the bad with good, and/or accelerate this trash-train into society’s eternal dumpster fire. So what good shit happened for you this week? I had a couple of people integral to my existence have life-changing stuff happen to them. But that doesn’t effect you whatsoever. What SHOULD effect you though, is the release of Burial Invocation’s fucken rager of an album today. In case you missed me trying my best to justify giving Abiogenesis more numbery-doo’s than Manor Of Infinite Forms, that title track I was talking about should be available in this embed by the time this publishes. If you hear the middle portion of ‘Abiogenesis’ (track 2) and don’t immediately vomit out your arse with excitement, you’re a massive gumby who smells like stale porridge. Probably.

Some of the worthwhile content crystallised onto the compu-sphere this week –

Joe, 365, and Breno gave a pretty measured response to some total trash.

Toilet Radio 129: Radiohead for Juggalos

“The Most Innovative Guitarist In Metal Today” as per our tourney earlier this year dropped a bloody pearla.

Review: Kevin Hufnagel Sends Messages To The Past

W held a meeting for black/death weirdos to feel comfortable in their own skin. Or someone else’s.

Premiere: Finis – Visions of Doom

Snooty penned a prime example of why the vast majority of metal fans need to take a long fucking look at themselves. And maybe a longer look at the fucking words they’re reading before they respond @full-tilt with frothy reactionary garbage.

James Maynard Keenan on Twitter: A Schism in the Age of Communication

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