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Welcome back to TDT! Here’s your news:

  • Continuum released a lyric video for their new song “A Surreal Descent” and you can check that out here.
  • Archspire made a vocal playthrough for their song “Fathom Infinite Depth”. Ollie is an incredible vocalist; can you imagine having an argument with him? Here’s the vid.
  • The Kennedy Veil released a guitar playthrough for their song “Perfida” which you can check out here.
  • Pyscroptic are streaming their new album over at decibel. Head to this link if you want to hear it.

Today we’re talking about Existential Animals. EA are an instrumental group from Oberlin, Ohio that I really enjoy. I’m usually not the biggest fan of instrumental music; in general I prefer music with vocals because instrumental material tends to feel dull as the music progresses. However, EA have somehow avoided that pitfall. Perhaps it’s because they do more than just wanking; they make actual songs. One thing is for sure, I love these dudes. The drumming in their music is very spontaneous instead of just constantly throwing down blast beats and they manage to write some pretty clever riffs. I really dig their guitar tone as well, which is most likely only enhanced by the phenomenal production. The solos are pretty incredible as well. If you ask me, Existential Animals are the perfect example of how to make good instrumental tech-death that has lasting appeal.

Ironically, the first material I heard from the band wasn’t instrumental, but rather a tune with vocals by Will Smith of toilet favorites Artificial Brain and Buckshot Facelift. Check out “Stalked Vestige” from their debut album Surrealith:

Would I prefer this band with a vocalist? Perhaps, but in this case the lack of a vocalist isn’t a deal breaker. Just esterday the band released a new EP featuring two songs: “Prism Prison” and “Apopheniac”. I’m really digging this despite the brevity. Sometimes less is more. The band kept the same style from Surrealith on this new EP, but at the same time managed to change it up a bit. As a whole, it sounds a bit more refined and they do a few new things with the bass that I don’t remember them doing on the previous effort

Both of Existential Animals’ releases are name your price on bandcamp so you have no excuse to avoid giving these guys a listen. As always don’t forget to follow them on Facebook if you dig them. I leave you with a stream of the new EP. See ya next TDT.

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