Toilet Radio 421 – Regurgitated Youth


This week on Toilet Radio: Joe supported the scene – huge mistake. / A visit to an early 2000s Hot Topic-themed bar turns sour as we discuss watching your own youth get regurgitated back into your mouth like a lil baby bird / Ash from Sumerian has decided now, three years after he could have made some hay with it, to be an antivax guy. Let’s dive into Ash, Sumerian, and his extremely successful movie director father. / Tim Lambesis has a few new side projects (including one with the giant bodybuilder guy Joe has been following for years) / Venom Prison have succumbed to a terminal illness: being from the UK / Monuments refuse to get gouged by merch cuts and VATs on European shows and the guy from Stick to Your Guns presents a shockingly articulate vision of solidarity and organization among musicians. Folks, this is a show.

Music featured on this show:
Temptress – Serpentine

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