Full Album Stream: Ernia


These dudes are insane.

People who are new to the Toilet understandably have questions. A number of them. Some way down the list of enquiries – right after several variations of “wtf?” – there are undoubtedly questions like “What’s a Mosh Hoff?” and “What does an Ernia do, anyway?” We are gathered here today to answer those questions (though we really can’t help you with the “wtf”s – sorry).

A Mosh Hoff, first of all, is a man from Spain who gorges on Mini Reviews. These are sent to him in hopes of appeasing his vengeful spirit, and it mostly seems to work. Occasionally, however, his hatred for the world (and his joy of making music, I guess) cannot be quenched, so he forms a unit with other talented musicians (including his delinquent brother Gabriel of Wormed and, like, twelve other bands) and lets loose. The result is truly terrifying to behold: Ernia. Hear for yourself as we bring you a full stream of the upcoming debut offering.

Obviously, this ensemble is not to be trifled with. You may have underestimated them because of the slow intro, thinking, perhaps, something along the lines of “that’s not how you start a grindcore record”, only to then be hit over the head with a musical 2×4 when they kick into full gear. It quickly becomes apparent that there’s more on offer here than just straightforward grind fury. Blast beats are interrupted frequently either by ridiculous fills or in favour of switching to another rhythm for a few bars. Guitars twist and wind in often unpredictable ways and sometimes dial back the distortion only to hit even harder when they come back. It’s a neck-snapping ride that strikes a great balance between brutality and experimentation.

Actually though, I’m just kidding.

This band sucks and you should definitely not support them when the album drops this Friday.

Forget all about their Bandcamp and just give six bucks directly to the animal shelters that the proceeds of the physical version – ironically courtesy of Absolute Contempt Records – would go to. Trust me, everyone’s better off that way.

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