Toilet Radio 444 – Which Makes Dumber Lyrics, Humans or AI?


This week on Toilet Radio: Ronnie Radke’s voice must be made of balsa wood because this mf cannot perform in cold air, warm air, high altitudes, or when too close to sea level. / Ozzy has to drop off The Implication Fest but he somehow thinks he’ll resume playing shows next year. That will not happen! / We check in on the latest from The Shredderz and discover that they’ve been using AI-generated lyrics. / Speaking of nonsense lyrics, let’s check in on Project: Vengeance (previously known as The Big Six). It took five deathcore vocalists to pen this masterpiece, Jesus. I promise you this: next week’s show will be better. 

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Black Birch – Wry

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