TMP: Skeletonwitch, Mutoid Man, Samael, and More!


As always, we have amassed a big ole hunk of metal news.

Code Orange tour poster is the only one I could find this week.

New Skeletonwitch song, album coming July 20. This either sounds way different or I forgot what Skeletonwitch sounded like. Could be either.

New track by Archelon is a good. Album out Friday.

New track from Zeal & Ardor. I like this one better than the last.

  • Author and Punisher is recording. Details here.
  • Mutoid Man covered “She’s a Lady”.
  • Norma Jean acustified a song.
  • Big ass Weedeater and Zeke tour.
  • Another At the Gates song, album out May 18.
  • Pallbearer released a single last week. It’s as good as you’d expect from them, which means…it’s ok.
  • Potentially a tiny snippet of new Tool music was on their video for the clinic thing. I wish everyone would just chill the hell out and stop talking about Tool until the album comes out.
  • Samael’s guitarist is leaving the band.
  • Decapitated are touring Europe and probably not letting anyone on the bus.
  • New In this Moment music video features Rob Halford.
  • Candlemass released a lyric video for “House of Doom”.
  • The Night Flight Orchestra released a new track, despite me hating their entire aesthetic.
  • New Mastodon video from Emperor of Sand.
  • New song from The Agony Scene, album out July 20.
  • New song from Dopethrone. Album out May 25.
  • Marduk are not very good at lyrics.
  • New Bullet for My Valentine is not available in my country.
  • New video from Black Dahlia Murder.
  • I’m not sure what Dr. Living Dead is, but it’s not for me.
  • New video from Lik.
  • New Riot V lyric video.
  • This Devildriver country garbage water is the worst thing you’ll hear all week.
  • There’s a lot of walking in this Kobra and the Lotus video.
  • Icarus Witch video.
  • As mentioned in TDT, the new kickass Alkaloid track.
  • The Lion’s Daughter is a weird but not terrible thing.
  • New Sevendust song on Spotify.
  • Walls of Jericho and First Blood are touring the east coast if you hate yourself.
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