Flush It Friday: Sean Cougar Melon Jordan


I imagine that, at some point, I have mentioned All Fantasy Everything, the first podcast I ever loved and still listen to fanatically. The premise is simple: three comedians—Ian Karmel, David Gborie, and Sean Jordan—and often other guests, fantasy draft… anything. Much of the podcast itself is just bullshitting and riffing between three best friends who also happen to be incredible comedians. (You might recognize David Gborie as the Voice of Comedy Central as well as the voice of the character Darby on the show Royal Crackers, while Ian Karmel was the head write for The Late Late Show with James Corden and, by the end of the show, the ersatz Andy Richter.) The most recent episode is “Things We Think Should Be An Oscar Category” with the brilliant Amy Miller and the uncontrollable Blair “The Big Dog” Socci. Simple enough premise, except Blair, in all her wild genius, misread the concept of the category and basically has her own fantasy draft within the broader draft. It’s chaotic, it’s hilarious, it’s all one could ever want out of a podcast. (For a classic Amy Miller episode, check out BBQs. For a classic Big Dog episode, check out Sea Creatures.)

It’s hard to say just what this podcast has meant to me. My sister and I text about it weekly. My ex and I used to listen to it together to no end. I have other close friends to whom I’ve introduced it and it is now part of our common lexicon. I listen to it most days, often going back to famous old episodes or picking one of the many multiple-times guests and just running through their episodes. (I just did this with all of Zak Toscani episodes. Toscani, by the way, tours the country doing private house comedy shows instead of regular gigs. Yes, you better believe my sister booked him last November to perform in her driveway, and it was more fun than I could have even imagined.) Hell, the last time I hung out with a certain Owl in my beloved city of Boston, drinking pickle beers at Lord Hobo, it was because I was in town to see a live AFE show. (They drafted “Toys” with the brilliant Josh Gondelman, and I’m sure I almost died laughing right there and then.) They’re going on tour again this summer, and Boston is one of the dates, so, Roldy, I’ll be seein’ ya in June! [aww he’ll ye :ballsac: ~Roldy]

Yesterday, one of those people, one Sean Patrick Jordan, released his latest special Girl Dad on his free Patreon page. He started the Patreon recently as a way to promote his special, and you can sign up for $0 and listen to his new free podcast where he and friends listen to his first album The Buck Starts Here and talk about where the bits/jokes came from, their history, and everything else. It’s great! It’s so pleasant and adorable and funny and calming and heartwarming and endearing.

Via Sean’s Patreon, you can purchase the hour special for $10. It’s all about the experience of becoming a dad during the Pandemic, particularly the trials of pregnancy and birth, going through the process of IVF, and what it all means to be a good dad when you had a really bad one. It’s a wonderful, wonderful time. I can’t wait to watch it again. If you love or even just sorta like standup, it is worth your time and money. I wish Sean all the success in the world with this. To quote him, I’m gonna start crying.

But we’re not here to laugh! We’re here to Flush. This is metal we’re talking about. This is serious fucking business. Let’s go.

The Monday Stick and This Toilet Spearsday. Enough said.

Joe and Jordan are making fun of hardcore kids, which makes me, a hardcore kid, sad on this week’s Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 486 – I’ve Been Growing Older All My Life

The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee is back at it with a fresh batch of Minis!


That’s it! Light week in the Bowl. We’ll be back next week, though, with hotter, steamier, creamier, and more lotion-y content for your bodies. Drop your Goods Bads and Uglies in the comments and tell me about your relationship to standup (if you have one). I hope your Gs outweigh your BUs, my lovelies. Kisses.

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