Solo ov the Year: Revisiting 2015 // 3-5-16


A trendy looking guitar player during a heavy guitar solo selective focus on the musicians left hand photo

Sup? Having a good Friday morning? Me either, but these solos might help. Or they might make it worse. There’s only one way to find out!

Last week, Ted Nü-Djent took home the Glam edition win with some shitty Mötley Crüe riff. He also won first place for “highest number of annoying umlauts for Masterlord to deal with.”

So check it out. I was listening to some Tokyo Blade yesterday and thinking about how much better the 80’s were. You know, back when I wasn’t alive. So next week, I will only be accepting riffs from 1980-1989. We’ve done it before, but I’m super excited.

Send your 80’s riffs to Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation. Editors, writers, readers, commenters, and lurkers are all welcome to submit.

Okay… solos.



*dons armour* / *hides from Joe* 27:31.



I’m not even that big on guitar solos, but 1:40 moistens me.


Brock Samson

Blast at 8:39. I have to much work due for a proper introduction.



Speed Metaarrll! Ranger’s Where Evil Dwells hits all the right buttons. It’s got riffs, drums, riffs, crazy insane vocals, riffs and of course, solos. The solo at 5:03 has all you need without any of the “look how good I am at guitar” posturing.


Old Man Doom

I can never get enough of Ice Dale’s glorious soloing. And neither should you! Even though In Times failed to make it on to my Top 10 of 2015, I still unconditionally love the band because of moments like this (and other great solos on the record). 4:20. [blaze it lol — Masterlord]



Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn… @3:42



5:48. I’ll let the solo do the talking.



My immediate thought was to go right back to Judicator, but I’m starting to sound like a broken record (Of The Year….) So Sylosis it is. From my favourite tune off the album, which is mostly one big long celebration of THICK, the solo sorta-kinda starts with the tempo change at 2:01, Josh Middleton and Alex Bailey doing their thang, and then kicks into high gear at 2:40. Air guitar anyone?



If someone were to ask me for one song that epitomizes everything I love about metal, I’d play him or her Alkaloid’s “Alter Magnitudes.” The song has harmony, melody, groove, memorable hooks, emotion, blast beats and tempo changes, technicality, brutality, and dynamics. The solo from 1:22 to 2:21 is outstanding in every way (I don’t know whether the section from 2:21 to 2:54 is technically part of the solo, but it’s outstanding too). It’s catchy, memorable, and impressive, and it brings the feels and contributes significantly to the song—it has weedlies without wankery. “Alter Magnitudes” has become one of my favorite songs of all time, so it’s hardly surprising that it contains my favorite solo of 2015.


Boss the Ross

When tasked with Solo of the Year for 2015 my mind was flooded with an overabundance of sweet guitarlicks, I was drowning in a pool of weedles and dweedles, skwigileedees and doodilidoos. It was overpowering. I was saved when Turbid North through me lifebuoy. And on that lifebuoy were the words “Red Giant”. The song starts with a primal bass and drum groove and a mere 13 seconds pass before the solo starts to interject itself into the song. Superb guitar lines weaving in and out of the music and dueling with the vocals.This groove cuts off at 2:07 with the introduction of acoustic guitars. And so commences one of the best Gilmour tributes I have ever heard. Notes grace the fretboard like feathers on a pond, subtle yet full of emotion. At 3:04 the music fades into a single bass note and snare drum, paving the way for my favorite note on the entire album. At 3:19 you have reached nirvana, complete and total enlightenment. Close your eyes and float through life for the next minute. I suggest you continue with the next track on the album “The Burning Sky”, in which this excellent guitar solo continues to make its appearance. Majestic and graceful.



You already knew that my favorite band of 11 years was going to make the cut for riff of the year. The new one was good, got me through some hard times and was their best since Temple Of Shadows. Viva Brasil!


Ted Nü-Djent

The solo on Strange Gateways Beckon by Tribulation may not be my favourite solo of 2015 but it’s up there near the top in a year jam packed with tasty solos and it was the immediate one that sprang to mind when GORACK suggested the solo of 2015 theme. Whoever plays the lead never overplays their hand and umm, I’ve lost my train of thought so fuck it, skip to 3:12 and have a listen for yourself. It pretty much goes until the end of the song and also as an added bonus, the video includes interpretive dance during the solo. Enjoy.


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