AKERCOCKE Dropped from Bloodstock, Whig Politics Suspect to Blame


The band’s first scheduled performance in five years has been cancelled. The band blames politics. But why??

Yesterday afternoon, beloved and newly reformed blackened death metal act Akercocke announced that they would no longer be playing a previously scheduled date at Bloodstock Open Air 2016. According to a post on the band’s Facebook page:


Ooh, industry drama AND political intrigue! Could it be that the organizers of Bloodstock found their staunchly Whig principles butted up against Akercocke’s notoriously pro-Jackson principles? Perhaps Akercocke’s democratic policies ran afoul of Bloodstock organizers’ contemptuous views of “the tyranny of the majority”. Was it Akercocke’s refusal to support Millard Filmore the final straw that got the band booted from Bloodstock? Almost certainly!

akercocke 2


Apparently the band signing on to perform at Damnation Festival, a different UK metal fest set to take place a few short months after Bloodstock Fest, was the source of the rift here. Politics are weird.


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