10 Reasons to Listen to Sonic Poison’s Combat Grind


Oh, you thought List Season was over? Ha!

I see you’re not doing too well. I see you’re still cowering on the ground in the fetal position. Still defeated by all the food people insisted on shoving into you during the holidays. Still overwhelmed by everyone’s year end lists. Bandcamp wishlist still overflowing with all the shit you missed out on in 2017. Well, guess what: List Horror continues. It might be because I’m sadistic, it might be because I read so many lists that I forgot how to write a proper article, but in any case, here are ten reasons why you need to listen to Sonic Poison‘s sophomore EP, Combat Grind.

1. First day back at work and you overslept. Put on Combat Grind, spend the intro track doing some warm-up exercises, then rush through your morning routine in the remaining 14 or so minutes. Be efficient and combine breakfast and pooping, or poop in the shower; compared to the filth that Sonic Poison are dishing out, that’s not disgusting at all.

2. After all that well-produced, spiffy clean atmospheric black metal nonsense that you promised yourself you’d get into because it showed up on everyone’s lists, you need something gritty that smells like sweat and beer.

3. Sonic Poison sound quite a bit like Repulsion.

4. By that notion, Sonic Poison also sound quite a bit like Cretin.

5. You were recently reminded what a great record Noisem‘s debut is, and now you could do with some more thrashing, grinding, proto-death insanity.


6. Let’s face it: your new year’s resolutions already went down the drain. Nothing’s gonna change in 2018. You’re gonna do the exact same shit 365 more times. Might as well get angry now.

7. The 21st FIFA World Cup will take place in 2018, which everyone but you/no-one but you (select whichever is applicable) gives a fuck about. Might as well get angry now.

8. You’re pissed that Combat Grind didn’t come out a month earlier to make it on your year end list.

9. You need to get on this before everyone puts it on their “Things We Missed in 2017” list.

10. Sonic Poison are from Finland, and you are simply enthralled by anything and anyone from this magical realm of fantasy.

So there you have it. Ten more or less solid, more or less hard-hitting, not at all lazy reasons to listen to this fantastic grind EP. Get the digital version directly from Sonic Poison, or get the cassette version (guess that’s an 11th reason for some of you) via Caligari Records.

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