Premiere: Convocation – ‘The Absence Of Grief’


Nothing like some new Finnish funeral doom to get you feelin’ fresh.

Toilet regulars might should remember the name Convocation from a pre-release premiere we were mad keen on a couple of years back, but for those that missed the duo’s debut I’ll quote what I believe to be the most worthwhile piece of written info from that stream


Fast forward a little over two years and the band are returning with their follow-up album titled Ashes Coalesce. Now you might have pretty high expectations for a death/doom outfit these days; partially due to the gigantic recent resurgence of the sub-genre, but also due to Convocation being the work of LL from revered death group Desolate Shrine, however let me assure you this upcoming album is going to supplant many of your staple slowjams. I’m just finishing up my second spin through the record now and am comfortable putting this one up on the shelf reserved for old faves diSEMBOWELMENT, Thergothon, Skepticism, and recent releases from Ataraxy and Krypts.

Ashes Coalesce is comprised of four enormous tracks, each offering a unique atmosphere imbued with all manner of melancholic melody, malevolent murk, and monstrous moods. The exact kind of feeling you want from your funeral doom. Here’s the first offering from the album, with your pre-order links below the video embed. Convocation‘s Ashes Coalesce releases July 3rd through Everlasting Spew and Sentient Ruin.

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