Track Premiere: MMTH – “Muscle Memory”


Do you like cool guitar riffs and watching a guy deadlift for 6 straight minutes? Of course you do. 

I’m excited to premier a nifty post-rock instrumental track today from the German band MMTH. After a long anticipatory intro, you’re instantly thrown into a fantastic groove with some intricate drumstick clicks leading the way. A powerful, soaring riff comes in just in time for that first rep. Oh yeah, that’s the energy that will get you through the set. The track continues to ebb and flow until the burn starts to set in, and the last minute absolutely requires an insane melodic explosion, which is easily delivered. The gains have been had. 

Here’s what drummer Hanno Janßen had to say:

“The riffing of this track is getting tamed by some weird straightness that every part has to it. Some moments in it feel almost like a pop song that is trying to get through. Just before this can actually happen the whole thing gets burned down. Probably my favorite…”

The album Infinite Heights is out November 17th, check it out at Bandcamp, A Thousand Arms, or wherever it’s ethical to buy music these days. 

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