Track Premiere: Nylithia – “This Far, No Further”


We’ve got a treat in store for you on this Halloween Eve, boys and ghouls. Check out this exclusive track from hyperthrash extraordinaires Nylithia.

Are you hip to the sugar-rush, neon-drenched sounds of Nylithia? Formed allllllll the way back in 2008, the band first came to prominence with their EP Infector. It’s been a year or two since 2008, so it’s about damn time for a proper full-length. Enter: Hyperthrash.

At the risk of sounding like every other hack metal writer in the world, Hyperthrash delivers exactly what it says on the label. Expect twelve tracks of breakneck speed, dizzying riffage, and more twists than Chubby Checker in a blender. Listen to “This Far, No Further” below for a sample of Nylithia’s irresponsibly fast brand of thrash metal. Remember to stretch and drink plenty of water.

Is that not enough Hyperthrash for you, you gluttonous bastard? You’re in luck, stream “Whips & Chainz” at MetalSucks and “Blüdwolves” at No Clean Singing. You still crave more???? Fine, here’s “61-50-7” and “Razor”:

Every track released for Hyperthrash has featured very rad artwork from the very rad Hamburger Jones. Slasher schlock fans, definitely check out his work.

Hyperthrash drops November 21st. Preorder that mu’fucka at their Bandcamp. Give Nylithia a like on Facebook to keep up with imminent tour dates. Tell ’em the Toilet sez “Hi-diddly-ho neighborino.”

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